Wednesday, November 15

Isn't Fall the best? Everything is so pretty. I'm loving Fall this year but am definitely dreading winter. I don't do winter. Wilder and I enjoyed the weather last week when it was nice and spent some time looking up at leaves in our front yard. Wilder is 3 months and 1 week today. I've been telling everyone that it's starting to get fun now (not that is wasn't before, but you know...) He's crying less although he still has his fits and developing quite the little personality. He has definitely won me over but I still have to show him who's boss sometimes! I love when he just stares at me with this delighted look in his eyes and you can just tell that his little brain is figuring something out. And I think he likes his momma! He gets so happy when I talk to him. He's still not sleeping all night because he's hungry! We can't keep him full, we started him on rice at night but I think it's gonna take solid food before he sleeps all night. Blake and I are still tired but seem to have gotten used to the 2am feeding, we have the routine down so well that we don't even have to say anything. Something like this: We hear Wilder stirring or crying, look over at the monitor and yes his eyes are open and he somehow he got his little arms out of his swaddle (if his arms are moving he ain't sleepin - his way of keeping himself awake). Big sighs from Blake and I, he gets up heads to the kitchen to make a bottle, I get up and get Wilder, change his diaper and try to keep him pacified until the bottle comes. Blake hands me the bottle, I feed him in the rocking chair, Blake gets blanket ready for swaddle and the dropper ready for gas medicine, burp him, swaddle him, turn on music, pacifier in mouth, and he's out. Pretty smooth...we'll sleep when we're dead right!

For Blake and I it seems that in many ways we are simplifing everything. We have learned (are learning) some hard lessons lately. (don't we all!) It's easy to get priorities out of line and we realized pretty abrubtly that ours have been a little messy! Our finances really are the main way this showed - new house, cars, & baby all in the same year is a lot which has made for some stress especially with my time off work and being part time now. So we are getting rid of things we don't need and have made some new committments. I think we have decided on a church! Wow. I know, we've been looking for a long time and really just dragging our feet. Blake and I were able to put our differences aside and agree that what was most important for us and Wilder is consistency and that feels good.

Much love to everyone. More soon :)