Sunday, October 21

A quick update, this may be the last time I get to post for a while! I went to the doctor last Wednesday and found out I was already 4cm dialated. The doc predicted sometime early next week, tomorrow or Tuesday that I'd be in labor. So I guess she could come anytime but who knows I could go on like this for whle too. We were glad we had the weekend to get a little more ready for her here at home. Mom and dad came and helped us get her room painted. The doctor is very positive about me trying a vaginal birth so we're going to give it our best try! I'm praying she does come this week so she doesn't have a chance to get any bigger! And I am planning for a natural birth (no meds, or epidural). I feel it will increase my chances of having a successful birth, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers for strength! And pray for Blake too...that he will be able to be the support I need.

Wednesday, October 10

See that blue slide down below, well I went down it today with Wilder. What a sight I'm sure, me in my shorts and huge belly trying to get down it at 9 mos pregnant. There were some other ladies at the park that probably thought it was amusing. What could I do, I couldn't let him go by himself, he doesn't really understand the feet first concept yet.

I met with my new doctor today for my 36 week visit. It was a positive visit and we talked a lot about the possibility of a VBAC. We will know more next week when we do the in-depth ultrasound and she examines me. At that point we will have more of a plan and will be able to make an educated decision. I'm trying to just take this one day at time. I have a strong desire to try this but I also have a strong desire to do what's safest for our baby. Thought I'd share.

Meanwhile, she'll be here in about 4 weeks however she's born! I can't believe it, life will change again as we know it!

Wednesday, October 3


I can't believe it's already October, what happened to September? Well it being October 2nd, I am 35 weeks pregnant today. This little girl is growing and I have the belly to show for it. We are slowly getting things ready for her arrival. For some reason at the Collins' house we seem to do a complete remodel on a room before it becomes a nursery. Our 3rd bedroom, formerly our office/art stuff room is currently under construction. We (ok, Blake) pulled the carpet out and just finished scraping the popcorn stuff off the ceiling. So now we need to paint the room and put in our new floor, fun!

One reason I haven't posted in a while is because I've been busy thinking, and researching. I'm not sure exactly why the timing was so late but I've been exploring the idea of having a VBAC (vaginal birth aftet csection). If any of you didn't know I've had a planned csection up to this point. There is a lot to explain that I won't elaborate on but I would appreciate everyone's prayers. I would love the opportunity to try to have this baby naturally but am most concerned about her being born healthy and not putting her or I at risk. I recently read this and I think it's true, I think pregnancy is a very spiritually fertile time and that's what it's turned into for me. I am choosing to completely trust God with this pregnancy and so far through doing so He has opened my eyes to several things! More to come.

I have something really cool to share. Last week my grandmother Bernice gave me a baby gift. I opened it and it was her baby quilt made by her great grandmother. She had cherished it for 75 years and has passed it to me to enjoy and keep for a very long time. Our little girl will have a quilt made by her great, great, great, great, grandmother. I may have added an extra great, I'm tired and I can't say it without looking at the geneology. Grandmother typed out the geneology for me and even gave me copied photographs of her great grandmother who made the blanket and photos of her (Bernice) as a baby. I am so proud of this beautiful baby quilt and can't wait to display it in the nursery. I will try to post a photo on the blog soon.

Time to roll this body into bed, it's been a good but tiring day here at home. Two walks, lots of laundry, playtime, cooking, finishing up my thank you notes. Wilder and I had fun today. Today was the first day in a while that I was able get caught up at home or at least not feel like it's overtaking me! I was able to prepare a pretty healthy meal for us and we all were able to sit down and eat it together! Wow!