Sunday, April 3


I don't know why I feel deeply motivated to post tonight after so long. Probably because I feel so satisfied from day I spent with my kids. All I did today was clean house and spend time with my kids. That's all. Not a thought about school. It's 9pm on Sunday night and I don't have one single thing ready for getting myself and 3 kids out the door in the morning. (I like to torture myself). This day has been refreshing because school and all the busyness that comes with Spring has been so encompassing. Thank the good Lord that after this week I will be past the play we are performing in my drama class. Considering the fact that I had a girl fight on stage after our dress rehearsal on Friday would suggest what kind of road it's been. Funny, one of our custodians was in the auditorium during the fight and asked me after if it was part of our play. Ahh, comedy. Ok, back to what I really wanted to post this evening, just some favorite things from today.

I love how much Wilder loves to make art. He stayed home with me this morning from church because he's not feeling very good. He made a whole stack of creations that I hung in his room. 4 year old art has to be one of my favorite things. Pics to come.

Wilder told me today he was too sick to clean up the mess he made after his articat time (arts and crafts, a word he told me he learned in school the first day). I told him I was smarter than he was and that wasn't going to work. We then went on to argue who was the smartest. A close tie, he can already add, subtract, and understands the earth's rotation patterns.

Addy's second word after mommy is dog. Pronounced gog. It's so cute, she gets so excited when she says it. I think she might have also said mo for elmo today. What makes this red monster so adored by so many? I don't know but I think she needs a stuffed elmo.

Addy has this adorable look she gives when she knows she's doing something she shouldn't be doing. Then proceeds on doing it. Today I barely caught her from being entirely perched in Gwyn's window seal like the cat. She is not afraid of anything.

Addy has been giving little love pats when you hold her now. I love how she pats me on the back. She is also so proud of herself after she takes a few steps. Just a few more days and I'm sure no more crawling.

I bought Gwyn and Adalyn matching sparkly flip flops today. Ok, so I did go to Target. Is there anything cuter than baby feet in flip flops?

Gwyn. Gwyn is a 25 year old woman in a 3 year old body. Her room has now become her house. She loves for us to knock so she can answer the door. Today I checked on her and she was sitting, in her dress, with her purse, legs crossed in her elmo chair reading a princess book. She changes clothes about 3 times a day. Ok, unlike a woman she does not like boys. She told me the only boys she likes are grandpa, pappy, and Wilder. She is going through a serious shy phase right now. She doesn't play with anyone at school. She just watches. I ask her about school and the only thing she tells me is "I took a nap then ate a sucker...and watched my friends play." It makes me so sad! It doesn't seem to bother her though. She seems to take the world in at her own pace which is perfectly fine with me.

80 degrees, I will miss you tomorrow. Have a good week everyone. Night night!