Monday, April 27

A Little Humor

I don't know what's funnier the outfit or the dirt-stuffed pocket.
Two purses, two bracelets, and a truck. I've never seen her carry this many things at one time. Something about it made her want to twirl while trying to manage all these things. Blake said it was a scary glimpse of how she might be as a teenager. All she needed was her cell phone. Also, she just turned 18 months!
So far I've started bribing Wilder with toys to give up his pacifier. First up, playdough. Lasted for 3 hours. I have a feeling we're just going to have to go cold turkey and pick a weekend of no sleep. (not funny). Wilder is getting close to 3! Wow!
I promise he begged.

Sunday, April 12

Our Weekend in Photos

Saturday morning 8:30am. I have not had enough coffee for this. Amazingly no spilled dye.
That's the spirit!
This is the first year I think I've ever had Easter decorations. I inherited a lot of old ceramic decorations from Blake's mom. They had a neighbor growing up that had a ceramic studio. She made this giant bunny for Blake when he was a little boy. My grandmother also gave me some fun things like the tree behind him.
What? Eggs? Where?
Playin in the sandbox with cousins.

Satuday evening we had a nice evening out as a family. For some reason I was craving Hideaway Pizza. After a yummy dinner we went to Woodward Park to enjoy the nice weather. The kids adored it. Wilder insisted on wearing this hat even though he didn't need it.
A sad attempt at a family photo. (Sunday lunch at grandmother Bernice's house)
Yes this is my new shiny red phone, don't even think about trying to borrow it.
Focused on new cars.
Bunny or book? Bunny or book?
Momma's girl!
Our sweet little dove warming her eggs! (I took the picture from the window).

Thursday, April 9

After the Rain

Yesterday I went to work knowing I would have the evening to myself. Wilder and Gwyn would be with Blake's parents for the night and Blake was working late at a track meet. Lynda laughed when I told her I wanted to choose wisely how I would spend my time. Actually, I had a plan in my mind in the morning but thought maybe I should pray about it. "What would you have me do this evening Lord?" About mid morning I remembered a desire that I've had for a while to spend some quality time with my grandmother Bernice, just talking, alone, without the babies. Family history is so interesting to me. I've been wanting to learn more or be reminded of things I've forgotten. We had talked about meeting to look at photo albums. I knew immediately that I needed to take this opportunity. For reasons unspoken today was an emotional day for me. As I left work this evening a storm had just passed through and the sun was peeking through. Driving, I saw the most beautiful rainbow. I can't help but be overcome with awe and wonder, are rainbows really a sign of God's promise? His everlasting love? How amazing that He thought to give us this tangible sign...forever. I immediately felt comfort and peace. When I arrived at my grandmother's house she met me at the door to show me a dove that had made a nest on her porch in one of her plants. Doves have always been special to me as a spiritual icon. I think their shape is so beautiful and have often put them in my artwork. Funny that a dove would feel comfortable enough to make a nest approximately 5 feet away from a place where people come and go. Both of my grandmother's homes are two of the most peacefull places I know so can't really blame her. It was a dove that Noah sent out from the arc so maybe doves are just meant to be near people? I took it as a sign of God's presence and assurance. I thought, I just saw a rainbow and a dove within 10 minutes of each other. Coincidence? Nah. Is there a theme from Genesis I need to apply here? RegardIess, I felt like God was saying to me...this is what it's like when you walk closely with me. I will show you things. I will help you make decisions that are life giving. I feel loved.

Well, needles to say, my time with my grandmother was sweet and enriching. These are a few highlights:
-I have a steel bracelet that I wear often. I had thought that my grandfather made it. Wrong, it was my great grandfather Blase. He made it in the 40's working in the shipyards in California during WW2. I love it now more than ever.
-My great, great grandmother died during childbirth. Leaving my great grandmother the oldest of 4 children at age 9. She endured, married a good man (Blase) and had 3 children of her own.
-Looking at my grandmother's gradeschool photos I saw a glimpse of Gwyneth in one of her expressions. I love it.
-I am thankful for the stubborn women in my family. I don't think we would be where we are now without it.

I am so looking forward to having the same opportunity with my other grandparents as this is only half of the story! Seeing how past generations have endured and overcome is motivating to find the same admirable qualities and strengths within myself. I am thankful for the faith and endurance of past and present generations. What a rich heritage we have.

It was dark when I was leaving. As I was walking to my car my grandmother walked near the nest to see if she was still there. We didn't see her at first. We must have spooked her because she shot out of there and almost flew into my head! We took the opportunity to get a close up look at her nest. So perfect and beautiful. And one perfect little egg. Just in time for Easter.

Monday, April 6

Thought Potpourri

I don't think I can read a book without feeling compelled to share it with the blogosphere. I just finished Walking with God by John Eldredge. Thank you Lord for the gift of writing and putting authors in our life that really speak to us. That said, I thought it would be fun to list a few writers and books I love:

Julia Cameron, The Artists Way
Madeleine L'Engle, Walking on Water
Barbara Kingslover, The Poisonwood Bible, Animal Trees & Bean Trees, Animal Vegetable Mineral
and now...John Eldredge, Wild at Heart and Walking with God.

I have been consumed by this book. For two reasons it's relevance and second because it was over due to the library. I finished it yesterday and will need to read it again. The book is about Eldrege's journey towards conversational intimacy with God. It encompasses A LOT.

I don't know if I've ever truly been in this specific place of intimacy - consistently. I am so thankful that God is stirring this desire in me right now. I'm trying to slow down. Literally and mentally. I'm trying to clear my head of everything else so I can hear. I'm trying to denounce all of those unknowing agreements I make with the enemy on any given day that get in the way of hearing. I am craving this intimacy right now and I'm afraid this feeling won't last. I want it to be real. It's exciting!

I don't want to go on about the details of this book here on the blog but I'd love to talk about it in more detail if anyone is interested.

My sister-in-law Amanda started a blog called The Newlywed Show! Show her some love:

Cocoa powder in Malt-o-Meal is incredibly delicious. No need to buy the chocolate variety off the shelf. This way your husband can have the plain version and you and the kids can have hot, chocolate, nutritional goodness.

I got my hair cut a few weeks ago and the gal suggested I take the vitamin Biotin. It's for hair and nail support. Apparently my hair has payed the price of having two babies back to back and breastfeeding. Biotin is supposed to make it thicker and grow faster. Thought it was a good tip. It's only $3 at Wal-Mart. Luscious locks here I come!

I love my shark. My steam mop that is. I can clean the floors with the kids running around and not worry about getting water or cleaner everywhere. It's dry, no chemicals, it's green - reusable cloth pads. Everything about it is a win. It even works on the stickiest messes. I highly recommend it! This reminds me, Wilder has a new fascination with licking things. Included: the table at Qdoba this weekend, Gwyneth, the bathtub, and yes, the floor. (part of my motivation for getting the Shark out last night)

Yikes, I'm saying kids instead of babies more and more these days. Are they really growing up?

This past Sunday was the first Sunday our congregation met in the newly remodeled auditorium. Complete with fresh carpet, pews, and paint. There were a lot of empty seats. It seems the numbers have dwindled over time as we've been meeting in the old, crowded, lack of technology, hard seats auditorium. I spoke with my mother-in-law about it this morning and she had also noticed the decline. When she asked our preacher about it he said apparently people have stopped coming because they didn't like meeting in the old auditorium. Yesterday, back in our "new" old seats I sat behind some ladies that I couldn't help to hear their complaints. "the heat is still not working," and "is there no screen for the projector?" "i heard the new pews were kinda hard" Really? Come on people! Is this really where your heart is? Is this really how your worship is defined?