Wednesday, January 25

Happiness Is...

Always having chapstick and hand lotion available when I need it.

Trying new recipes. Specifically twice baked sweet potatoes and anything dipped in melted chocolate like bananas and marshmallows.

Having the laundry caught up.

Collages created by sixth graders.

Giggles from my girls.

Wilder learning how to read.

My iphone.

Laughing with Blake.

Watching Maggie, Roy, Lucy, and Hazel.

Reading a few pages in a book.

Making new friends.

Standing in my yard and embracing real quiet.

Starting a piece of artwork.

Finishing a piece of artwork. (working on it)

Finally getting in bed.

Waking up for coffee.

Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year

This new year my plate is full yet so are my blessings. My prayer...Lord, please help me use my time and energy most efficiently towards physical and spiritual growth for myself and my family. (I am so good at long sentences). And rest too. This prayer comes to mind, seems very applicable. I've always liked it.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

For personal goals I would like to spend a little time painting at school and make time to read books that inspire me...before my brain turns into marshmallows.

A few of my favorite pics from the last few weeks. Maggie, the hound, and Lucy our second beagle are the newest additions to our family! I love these ladies!