Monday, March 31

This pic was taken after he finally bit the dust riding his trike down our very steep driveway.

Isn't she sugary sweet!
These are a few books I want to share with all my friends and family who are moms.

First, thank you Debra Waterhouse! Debra wrote "Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell - After Pregnancy." Basically, she writes about why postpartum weight is difficult to lose because women's fat cells are programed during and after pregnancy to retain fat. So, we have to outsmart these fat cells. She writes about diet and exercise but also about what our attitudes towards our bodies should be, helps us to be realistic about progress in regards to what our bodies have accomplished, and about how most information available to women about postpartum weight lost is inaccurate. One thing (she encourages small meals often - of ALL kinds of foods) she says postpartum dieting can actually make you hold onto the fat longer because your cells think they need to protect what the fat they have! And she says the myth about breastfeeding and fat "melting away" is a myth - at least not until after 6 months. We need the fat to breastfeed! Whew, long description, anyway the book has been uplifting and motivating for me.

The second book I want to tell all you about is "The Vaccine Book", by Sears. I wish I would have had this book before Wilder was born. We all know that there is a lot of debate and controversy about vaccinating babies/children these days. When I tried to figure it out I felt lost and confused with all of the info and opinions. This book takes an UNBIASED (hard to find) look at the vaccines and helps parents make an informed decision. A lot of parents these days are still choosing to vaccinate but maybe on different schedules or are refusing certain vaccines. It is an easy to read informative book. I plan on referring to it so that I can make informed decisions about the remaining vaccines that Wilder and especially Gwyneth still lack.

Dear Nutella, why didn't anyone tell me you were so incredibly yummy? I'm glad our paths have finally crossed. Finally, I don' t have to feel guilty or wierd about having chocolate in the morning.

Spring is in the air! Yay for artwork! This is the cover of special issue we recently produced at work. It felt really good to be able to indulge myself in some creative play. I had fun finding, cutting, and arranging all the paper to make this cover. Thought it would be fun to share.

Thursday, March 27

I've stayed up entirely too late but I had a second wind. Maybe because Blake and I went for a long walk in the neighborhood tonight. I pushed Gwyneth in the stroller for the first time (usually I carry her in the body carrier). So we had two strollers, I said to Blake, "it feels like we have lots of babies when we push two strollers"...guess you had to be there.

Anyway, a few pics from Easter then the zoo. Wilder had fun at the zoo, he was definitely interested in the animals. I think his favorite were the elephants or maybe the little girl who was also looking at them calling them cows. I can't wait to take him back. Yes, that is a pic of an elephant painting!

I had to put Gwyn in these green vintage shorts. I promise she has an abundance of pink things but here she is in green shorts and in Wilder's crib surrounded by blue. I am amazed at how much personality this little girl has already. She's going to be a spirited littel girl! She rolled off the bed (onto the pillows she kicked off that were supposed to keep her in) and onto the floor today for the first time. No harm done just made her really mad. Anyway, my joy this week has been watching Gwyn and Wilder together. She adores him already. She can watch him forever and I love how he can make her bellylaugh. She's also big enough now that she can roll around a little with him, they both love it.

Notice I put some links to other blogs on my blog finally!
Also, does anyone have any good book recommendations? What are you reading? I'd like to hear. I have the desire to read something good, I think it would help with my sanity! A good fiction, even books on parenting or for moms.
Pics coming soon, I promise! I have Easter pics and some from our trip to the zoo this week. The zoo...what an undertaking, I think I'm still recovering.

Wednesday, March 12

Yes, this is an early morning post! Last night we had a miserable night with Wilder. He cried a lot so we kept getting up with him. We thought maybe his stomach was hurting or maybe he was getting a new tooth. So it's 6:30 and I wake up to him crying, Blake is trying to get ready for work so I get up to be with him. As soon as I set his feet on the floor, he stops. Was all this a big fake? It's 6:30, I don't have to go to work today and Gwyneth is still asleep - I could be too!! He immediately walks to his bookshelf and starts bringing books over to read which is his favorite thing to do right now (he points at everything and says "Da"). He's happy as a lark. Ok, I guess you're the day begins...early.

I'm feeling better today and yesterday. Sorry to be so negative. My attitude is better. I know that as difficult as some things are right now our life is equally as sweet because of these two babies. It always helps to count your blessings. Today I'm thankful for:
1. My coffee pot and the coffe that comes out of it.
2. The fact that it's going to be almost 80 degrees and we can be outside.
3. My family. I am well loved.

Sunday, March 9


are what I had for dinner. I don't know which comes first...I'm feeling bad so I eat bad or I eat bad which makes me feel bad. Well whichever the case I fell off the wagon this weekend for my goal of swimsuit friendly body by June. We were out of grocery money this weekend so we used a Fudruckers gift card from Christmas Friday night followed by cookies on Saturday brought by our friends, grandma's chocolate zuchinni cake, donuts for breakfast on the way to church and last but not least those darn Girlscout cookies. Wow right.

Whew, what a weekend. Grumpy, very grumpy. I don't know why but it seems that about every two weeks or so I go through about 2 or 3 days where I'm just mad. MAD. On edge, hormonal, whatever you want to call it. I guess I just get weary I suppose. I could ramble on about the weekend but it all comes down to one thing - PARENTING IS HARD and i don't really feel like I'm doing a very good job lately, like I'm not really cut out for it sometimes. I feel like it's OK to admit that because I know everyone struggles. And also, being poor sucks. I'm ready to fuss about that too. I've held the motto "livin' on love" close for a couple of years now and most of the time it works and I'm ok with not ever having anything new...but love only goes so far people! As Blake has started saying "I don't want love, I want money!" I'm tired of being tolerant, looking at the same sheets we've had since we've been married, not being able to pick up a prescription because we don't have $10, get the picture. A little bit of breathing room would be nice...c'mon teaching job. It will be OK, we've got good plans for this year, if we can just stick it out a little longer next year will be easier because we will have some debts payed off. Also I'm in that gross place where praying is hard. The longer I don't pray about anything the harder it is to start praying. I feel sorta like a disappointment to God I suppose for not making my faith a working faith, I know that's silly but it's true. I don't remember the last time I really got something out of church. Ok, it could be the distraction of babies, but I'm not doing anything to supplement at home that's for sure. So I guess all of this combined with still not the best sleep at night equals a not very happy momma sometimes.

Sorry to be so negative tonight. I'll probably regret this post in the morning. Off to bed...spring forward :(

Wednesday, March 5

My new favorite website is ETSY! I love it so much I felt the need to share. I go there and dream about all the things I want to buy...or make. It's a site for all things handmade, check it out -

Wilder wanted to make sure Gwyneth had enough toys.