Sunday, April 27

Our weekend was a fun one. Our good friends Houston and Kristin came up from Oklahoma City. (Houton and Blake have been best friends since high school...we got married at their house). Anyway, I called Houston this week for a surprise visit. I decided Blake needed a break so Houston and Kristen showed up at our house at 8am and off he and Blake went for an adventure. They went to Talequah to float the river, I just wanted Blake to be outside, having a good time, and not working! Houston and I had originally planned for them to kayak the river but we didn't think about how freezing it would be, still they took a raft. Kristin and I enjoyed the day together. We went to Target to get Wilder some shoes then to Woodward park for a picnic. The weather was beautiful and Wilder and Kristin hit it off! Here he is with his new buddy. This was Wilder's first time to ride a big swing all by himself. He's getting so big! The boys made it back early so we met them downtown to eat Mexican food - A perfect end to a perfect day for Blake. (I added Houston and Kristen's blog to my list).

Sunday, April 13

Too sleepy to post much tonight, just pictures!