Monday, March 22

Please Help

I knew it might be a little bit of a challenge going back to work after a week home with the kids. Tonight at bedtime I told Wilder I had to go back to work tomorrow. What proceeded was me attempting to explain to a 3 year old why I had to go to work. "But we already have new clothes and a house and lots of money." Then, yes, he said it..."why don't you love me anymore?" I about cried. I'm curious what has worked for other working moms in helping little ones understand.

Sunday, March 21

Spring Break

Overall I think Spring Break was a success. Of course we didn't accomplish all that we imagined we would, but is that ever the case? We made a little room for baby with some Spring cleaning, spent tons of time with the kids, spent too much money on a trip to OKC, and recharged our batteries for the weeks ahead. The next 8 weeks are going to be crazy busy and stressful. But, as my friend Tasha so optimistically stated, after they're over we'll have a new baby girl to fall in love with and a teenage-free summer.

I thought I'd post this photo of Gwyn because she thought it was hilarious. She will NOT sit on the potty. She will simply say "I already did." However, pair a bare bottom and an empty bucket and she will ask you about 10 times to "take one more picture of me." Oh, my stubborn, sweet, soon-to-be-middle-child, how I love you. I just hope your little sister is like your brother.

Friday, March 5

I think they understand

I had a conversation with Wilder and Gwyn tonight that was just too precious to risk forgetting. It was the most intense and lengthy conversation we've had yet about our new baby coming. I asked Wilder where our new baby was going to sleep when she got here. Of course he said his bed so he could love her. This then opened up a huge discussion of what we're going to do with the new baby when she gets here. We went through everything from bathing, feeding, to showing her all of his new toys. Gwyn chimed in now and then, I think she really understood. At one point they were both showing me how babies crawl so that they could teach her to crawl. The sweetest was when Wilder said we have to snuggle her on the couch and give her lots of hugs. I think I'm just dumbfounded at how smart Wilder is becoming lately. He understands so much now. His curiosity and sincerety never fail to make my heart be still just for a moment. I know he is going to be an incredible, loving, protective big brother who will love taking care of both of his little sisters.

Thursday, March 4

30 weeks!

Well the March issue of Tulsa Kids came out this week! Pretty fun to see our little family in print. Here's a link to the Tulsa Kids Website. There's a little photo of us and you can read the story. My friend Holly Wall wrote the story about VBAC's (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, what I had with Gwyneth). Hopefully the story will be helpful and a few more women will realize that VBAC is an option!

I am 30 weeks today! I'm realizing it's time to start thinking and preparing to actually give birth to this baby. I ordered some books from the library to get myself inspired for natural childbirth once again. I'm confident and nervous!

I need losts of grace to get through the end of this school year. My tolerance level has been pretty low this week. Doesn't seem like there is much of a differnce between dealing with 14 and 15 year olds and coming home and dealing with my 2 and 3 year old! If I can just get past April 6th I think I'll survive. The 6th is the date for our school plays we're working are all invited!

Come Spring come!