Thursday, May 20

I think I'm in love, again.

Adalyn Jane Collins was born at 2:02 on May 16th. I'm overwhelmed with love and adoration. Sad that I'm not pregnant anymore (and will never again be) and by the realization that Wilder and Gwyneth aren't babies anymore!

Sunday, May 9

I like this job

Happy Mother's Day!

39 week belly

Just so I won't forget!
Taken at my baby shower. Me, mom, grandmother, and aunt Sheila.

Sunday, May 2

Patiently Waiting

So twelve more days until my due date. It's hard to beleive I've made it to a point that I'm actually prepared for this little baby to come. Folded, clean, newborn clothes, a clean house, nursing accessories, I even have a new boppy and fancy new bedding for our not so fancy crib! Two weeks ago I was dialated to a 3-4 and 70% effaced. This created a lot of histeria that I might go into labor anytime. So much that I had my party at work the next day instead of like 5 days later and lots of teachers and students asking "you're still here?" I did actually have a false labor shortly after that check that got us moving and our bags packed. Since then I've felt great, no contractions just a growing belly. So for my last appointment I decided to not have the doctor check me. I didn't want any false hope. So anytime you want to come little girl we're ready. I can't wait to see your little face. To see how you, the last piece to our family puzzle, will fit in.