Monday, February 25

I stayed home from work today to be with the babies. Blake's parents have been in California for what seems to be FOREVER. Blake stayed home two days, his sister came from OKC Friday, and I took off today to cover the time they've been gone. We really need to find a daycare or babysitter that accepts drop-ins for occasions like this. It's something we always say we need to do but never make ourselves do it. It's especially hard right now with Gwyneth being so young.

We drove to Ada on Saturday for Blake's aunt's 80th birthday party. I was not really wanting to make a roadtrip on Saturday because of the week we'd had (me sick and normal busyness) but once Sat. morning rolled around I was ready. It's hard to pass up an opportunity to have Juanita's cooking (Blake's grandma). We also stopped to see Blake's other grandparents Toby (Wilder Sr.) and Evelyn. When we stopped at their house Toby was putting together a paint sprayer, Blake was helping him and Wilder insisted on helping - as you can see with his screwdriver in this pic. He is getting so big...and smart! He is climbing out of his crib now so watch out world!

Gwyn is growing into quite the vivacious little girl herself! more like her brother every day. She is a really good baby, she always has a smile for you. I think it's funny that she will laugh even when you're trying to be serious...I was trying to get her to go to sleep in this pic.

I went for my interview last Thursday at Booker T. Washington. I think it went pretty good. After being there I was even more interested in the position (teaching art). I don't know how many interviews the principal was planning on doing so I may not know anything for a while. I'm still keeping my eye on Owasso and Sand Springs, hopefully something will work out!

Wednesday, February 13

I've been tagged by Jessica! I don't know how to link either so here's her blog:
Thanks for making me sit down to blog Jessica, this was nice. Ok, I think I'll list my "top 5 places on my "want to see or want to see again" list. I know I said I wanted to start blogging about some of my favorite things, what a good way to get started! These aren't in any particular order.

1. The villiages in Honduras and Guatemala I visited during mission trips two college summers for a month at a time (traveled to in a converted school bus). These were life changing trips and the memories I have are very vivid. These places and things...the ocean, the streets, the orphanages, the children's faces, my team, the rainforest, the border, the cold, the hot, the churches, the food, the singing, the dump, the canoes, the praying...I cherish it all.

2. St. Francis and St. John Hospital the day both my babies were born.

3. Nice, France. (pictured) This time I want to go to the Henri Matisse museum. It was there I discovered my love for this artist. Matisse lived in Nice.

4. Generically the ocean. It's crazy how much I love it. How about Pompano Beach where Blake and I spent our honeymoon, or for a "want to see", how about Hawaii for a Jack Johnson concert, mmm dreamy.

5. And in the spirit of Valentines Day, the farmhouse on our wedding day. The sunset, the lights, the colors, my dress, the rain, the trees, my friends and family, the look on Blake's face.

6. I'm breaking the rules and adding one that I just thought of. Dinosaur Point, Grand Lake. (dinosaur point is a cove). This is my very favorite childhood memory. My grandmother Bernice and late grandpa Loyd used to own a trailor at Grand lake. My family went to the lake often growing up. If I could relive one day there it would be something like be woken up early to go waterskiing before everyone else gets up by my grandpa or mom. from there I would make it to the porch to grab my still-wet-from-the-day-before swimsuit from the clothes line, put on my cold bathing suit and start my walk down the hill to the doc. i would be too lazy to put shoes on so I would take a dreadfully long time getting to the doc because i'd have to tip toe down the boat ramp to avoid stepping on rocks. I'd finally be in the boat - me, my mom, and my grandpa. the sun is just coming up and the water is perfectly still and quiet, there's drops of dew on all the seats in the boat. we make it past the dinasaur (it's not called dino. point for nothing) and on past the buoy's to the main part of the lake. my mom and i fuss to see who's going to go first - it's early and the water is cold. that first jump in the water is painful but once you're out of the water and on your skii's it's all worth it. the water is smooth and you have the whole lake to yourself. finally, after skiing my hardest i let go because i just can't hold on anymore and sail smoothly into what is now warm bathlike water. i watch my mom ski, and think maybe someday i'll be able to ski like her. my grandpa drives the boat, he doesn't say much but you know there's no place he'd rather be. we head back to the doc, make our way up the hill, tired. back at the trailor we're greeted by the smell of breakfast. grandma is cooking sausage. of course food always tastes better at the lake especially after being in the water. we have a big breakfast complete with sliced cantaloupe... i think that's a good memory to go to sleep on tonight friends!

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