Sunday, March 22


Last week was Dennis's graduation from basic training for the Army National Guard. We would have loved to go but couldn't swing the trip to South Carolina. Mom, dad, and Amanda (Dennis's wife) made the trip. I love these photos. Especially the one of he and Amanda hugging, so sweet. We are all so proud of him we just can't stand it! He's in Alabama now in school training for aviation control. He'll be home in May. Love you brother!

Thursday, March 19

Spring was made for girls

you bloom under the warm sun
giggles and grins galore
you are perfect in bare feet and a simple dress
your loose curls blow in the breeze

the tiniest treasures enchant
rocks, weeds, sticks...
dandelions, that scream to you from the ground
and are oh so sweet between your toes

you are a breath of fresh air little girl
each hug is as sweet as the last
your joy is our joy, treasure it most little one

run, play, explore, grow

Wednesday, March 11

I love you too Wilder and I still love you Donnie Wahlberg.

Up until about 30 minutes ago the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was the New Kids on the Block Concert Monday Night. One word - HOT!HOT!HOT! (no spaces, it counts) Yes, I had fun. It was UHmazing. Somehow I amazingly felt 12 again and loved every minute of it. Donnie is still my favorite. Two hours of screaming and dancing. I'm still recovering - really, I'm 30 people. (no offense to anyone over 30 reading's all relative) It was probably the most fun you can have on a girls night out. Thank you honey, and I promise, not another word about New Kids. And I have to give the New Kids props - you laugh, but they were GOOD. Apparently they thought Tulsa was pretty cool too. (read a post from Donnie Wahlberg). To read more visit my friend Tasha's blog - she has an excellent gift of putting things into words. Plus, it's worth visiting to see some of her New Kids treasures from the past. Last night I found an old photo at my parents house of me opening a present at my 12th birthday party - a NKOTB nightgown! I had totally forgotten. Yes Tasha, you may have had a Joe doll but I had a nightgown that I probably slept in every night. Maybe I will still post it soon, if anything for the bangs.

Now the best thing that has happened to me this week was hearing my 2 year old tell me spontaneously that he loved me for the first time. I have just recently started to hear him say it in reply to someone else but not on his own. He curled up next to me while I was reading him books tonight and said "I love you" pause "and I love daddy too." Precious. Maybe someone knew that I needed to hear that today. They were with the babysitter today while I was in Owasso and were both very reluctant to see me go. I hated leaving them this morning and even felt a little guilty for spending time at Owasso every week. It is very obvious that these kids are used to having undivided attention! Today they were with about 8 other kids at the babysitter's house. So obviously it was just not possible for them to get the attention they're used to on a daily basis- but much needed social interaction right? When I got home with them this afternoon I could literally not pry Gwyneth away from my body! And Wilder was insistant on my undivided attention as we played blocks for about an hour.

How sweet that Wilder understands what I love you means! And he knows that he loves his momma! And daddy! And sissy! Oh, and Roy!

Our new pew - LOVE IT!

Our church is remodeling the auditorium after damage from last year's ice storm. Included in the remodel are new pews. Guess who now has an antique pew in their kitchen that just happens to match their table perfectly? Yep, me. Now if I could just make enough time to do a really nice piece of artwork to hang above it...

Thursday, March 5

That's my boy!

Thought I would share a story that made my heart swell with pride. I took Wilder to the doctor this week for a follow up visit for his recent ear infection. He loves the toys in the doctors office. There are lot of oversized cars and trucks that he enjoys. He had them all pulled out and organized when it became time to go. He had barely enough time to play with them. I knew he was going to fight me on getting out of there so I said, "we can stop and get a new toy on the way home" thinking he might find a new truck for the house. It worked and I can't believe I said it. 1. Because I don't want to make a habit of rewarding good behavior with material things. 2. Because we're being very intentional about not spending unnecessary money right now. I justified it because 1. I have not made this a habit and don't plan to and 2. I thought $2 at the dollar store is doable. Plus, a mom just needs to treat her kiddos every once in a while right!

On the ride home he made it very obvious he was not going to forget. We stopped to get gas at a gas station near our house and he said "no mommy, Wilder get new toy now" (great sentence structure right?). So off we went to the Dollar General. I was preparing myself for a long drawn out visit where he wouldn't be able to pick out the toy he wanted or me continually having to tell him we couldn't get that one because we didn't have enough money. Once we made it to the toy isle there was a little bit of everything including cars, books, and some art supplies. I let him look. I had decided I wouldn't influence him in any way and let him pick whatever he wanted. I pointed out a few things, one being a pack of markers. He grabbed them instantly and said "ok, Wilder go home now," Really? That's it, just like that? You don't want another plastic car? or that weird silly puddy stuff? You want art supplies? I didn't argue and we were out of there in a flash. Gwyn got a shiny pinwheel by the way that she loved in the store and hasn't picked up since. So $2.50 spent and everyone was happy, not a bad deal.

He played with the markers for a while when we got home on some large sheets of paper I gave him. You know I don't care if he grows into a little artist or not although I would be thrilled. It's fun to see him enjoying and growing in his creativity. I just hope whatever his interests are as they grow he will hold onto that creative spirit. Ooh, a quote comes to mind that my friend Tasha recently posted:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
-Pablo Picasso