Friday, June 29

Thanks for the congrats everyone! Crazy that they can tell it's a girl from this photo. All I know is it looks a lot different than Wilder's did! We're excited! Now the hard part - girl names, Blake and I don't agree on many yet so it'll take some work. Yes, Janet, I may need some more predictions!

Thursday, June 28


Sunday, June 24

Wilder's First Swim!
Today we took Wilder to our friends Chris and Jen's new condo and tried out the pool. I was so excited to go to Wal-Mart (rare, I know) and buy him "swimmer" diapers and a baby floaty thing. Wilder loved it - way more than I even thought he would. This kid has no fear - kinda scary. It was so fun watching him and Blake play. Blake would throw him up and catch him in the water and Wilder just laughed. He didn't even care if he got water in his face. He was even trying to eat the water. We all had a blast. Lately I have been so amazed at how physical and curious he is. I keep thinking, "he's only 10 months!" I actually feel really blessed that we have a happy, thriving, healthy little boy even though he's crazy! What else could we ask for? I have had my moments lately that I start feel overwhelmed with what's coming - especially when its difficult to get Wilder to bed..."how in the world am I going to take care of two babies?" I know, it's possible and we'll manage!

Yesterday I took my tests to get my teaching certification. They took me longer than I anticipated, it was along 8 hour day. Hopefully I passed, there were some hard spots but a lot that I know I did well on too. We'll see, maybe I'm one step closer to becoming Mrs. Collins and making this much desired change for us.

And...Wednesday is my big ultrasound. We've decided to find out if it's a girl or a boy. I came around once I started thinking about specifics as to what we would need and felt the need to be able to plan things a little better. So hopefully the baby will cooperate Wednesday and we'll be able to tell...check the blog!

Monday, June 11

Happy June everyone. I say that because June is my favorite month. We have our anniversary, my birthday, and it's the start of summer! Blake and I went to Branson last week (I got a good deal through work) and celebrated our anniversary. We stayed at the Chateau on the Lake-probably the nicest resort in Branson so we felt pretty special. No, we didn't see any shows, just drove through the strip and were amazed at what a wierd little town it is. Wilder stayed with his grandparents and did great.

We've kicked into summer mode meaning I'm at work and Blake's at home. I'm trying to work an extra day this summer while I can before the baby comes. I do hate being at work when Blake and Wilder are at home - keep your fingers crossed for that teaching job, it will be so nice if it all works out (I take my tests on the 23rd). Our goal this summer (in addition to getting another baby's room done, weren't we doing this last summer?!) is getting some work done on our house. Blake has started peeling wallpaper in the kitchen-"bye bye cherries and teapots!" addition to trying to keep a very active 10month old entertained!

I'm working on getting a new camera so I can post pics again. More soon.