Tuesday, October 31

I have had to refrain myself, the cool thing about being a mom now is that I get to buy Wilder fun stuff for holidays!...eventually. Blake convinced me (and I agree) to wait until next year to go all out when he can really enjoy it - so, you just wait little buddy your mom is gonna make you the best ever costume next year and we're going to Hallowzooeen (ok or something like it)! I couldn't let Halloween go by without having a little fun with him, so here he is in his Halloween outfit his grandma bought him.

He is almost 3 months now and is developing quite the little personality. He is getting really fun now and demands to be part of the conversation at all times and he is so active - constantly moving. We will definitely be chasing him around the house all the time.

Wednesday, October 18

Well a lot has happened since my last post. I started back to work, this is my second week and so good so far! I love my schedule, having the two days off in the middle of the week is so nice - I love my little guy!! I grow crazier about him every day! Wilder seems to be doing fine with Jud and Lynda (Blake's parents). He has them wrapped around his finger too. Last weekend we went to Oklahoma City for a wedding and got to visit our friends. First we visited Blake's best friend Houston, in the photo Wilder is wearing a shirt that Houston and Kristen made that has a photo of Houston and reads "uncle H" - very fun. Then we went to see my best friend Jolyn and her new baby Kaitlyn who is only two weeks older than Wilder. It was so fun seeing the babies together and wow how different they are! Wilder is definitely a chunk compared to her!