Sunday, November 30


We made it back this evening from our two night stay in Eureka Springs! And we're exhausted but refreshed, is that possible?! Thank you to our awesome parents who watched the kiddos. (and my grandmother who took care of Roy!) We had lots of time to enjoy eachother's company, read, shop, rest, knit, go on a ghost tour, sight see, and eat. (we were exausted from our day of fun on Saturday, it's amazing how long the day felt). It was fun being there after Thanksgiving and seeing it all decorated for Christmas. We even woke up this morning and it was pouring down snow! Hopefully more details to come, right now all I want to do is take a bath and ease myslelf back into the real world :)

We took this photo this morning in the freezing weather. Other than being cold Blake was acting scared because of the Crescent in the background (where we took the ghost tour).

Monday, November 24

In light of Thanksgiving

Wow, hope that last post didn't seem too negative! I had a lesson in contentment on Saturday!

Saturday, November 22

Some things will never change. (so get over it)

1. There will always be a sticky surface in my house. It is impossible to have complete cleanliness. Toys, bathtubs, floors, sinks, countertops,...why can't you all be clean at the same time, EVER?

2. That said, NOTHING will EVER be perfect.

3. Toddlers just don't like vegetables.

4. I will never accomplish half of what I set out or desire to do.

5. There will always be something that I want that I don't or can't have.

6. I will never have the hair that I had before I started having babies. Blond? Curly? Who was that girl? (I miss you)

BUT...I am incredibly happy and content. I love my family, my husband, my friends. I am blessed beyond measure. I love my house. (because it's mine, not because it's an 80's contemporary, Lord bless it). I love all the simple pleasures that always find a way to slip into my day.

Tuesday, November 11

My favorite quote of the day

said by Wilder...

"One, two, teee, ellemenopee, nine, ten"

Sunday, November 9

Friday, November 7

Before I forget

A few cute things Wilder is doing right now.
1. He stops to smell EVERY flower he sees. In real life or in books. Cute, but requires a little more patience when taking walks and reading books!
2. He loves his new robe. Rather than putting on my white robe after the bath (or something pink, ahem) he has a new blue plaid robe made especially for him by his great grandmother Bernice. He has slept in it the past few nights and wore it over his clothes today out of the house.
3. He can't say the "s" sound. Some fun words, school bus = boo bah, sesame street = bebabe beet

Wednesday, November 5

So Refreshing!

Today I spent a full school day observing a classroom. For those of you that I haven't told there is a postition opening up next year that I am very interested in. The teacher I observed today is retiring and has been teaching for 30 years! Wow. And she is amazing. Well at least from what I could tell today. She had such poise and full control over her classroom. Her students were well behaved and respectful. It was so encouraging to be with someone who truly loves her job, how many people can really say that? And she loves her boss...wouldn't that be amazing? Can't say I've ever had that. Little side note, I had sort of a impromtu interview with the principal today that I hope was OK.

One of my concerns about entering public school (vs. something like Montesorri) is the over standardization of curriculum. All the pressure of test scores these days, geez. I was encouraged today talking to this teacher. She doesn't give tests at all and is very relaxed about how she goes about her curriculum. To find that in a public school today is rare. (She said to keep it a little hush hush because she has figured out how to work the system so she can get by without doing these things) She agreed that art is more about exploration and the experience than technical things. For example, I didn't know what the 7 elements of art were until college, now students learn it in 6th grade!

Anyway, I am really excited about the prospect of teaching. Lately my work is feeling more and more mundane which can get really mind numbing after a while. When I leave work I feel like I've wasted time and feel guilty for not being as productive as I know I can be. I figured out that I really want to feel proud of my work and I don't feel that right now. I want my kids to see that I am proud of my work. I want them to admire and respect what I do. (Not that there is anything wrong with designing ads and laying out a newspaper, there is a whole creative side that has potential to be very fulfilling that my heart is just not in).

Reasons I think being an art teacher will be fulfilling:
1. Junior High students are adorably awkward. They're still young enough that they have some innocence and naivity left. (as the teacher said today, "they're not having sex, or at least let's hope not") Also, what a fragile time for one's self-esteem and self image. Maybe I could help build some confidence here and there that will help them on down the road.
2. I really love art. The act of creating something is so fulfilling to me. I even love the smell of art supplies (we visited Blake's classroom the other night and the smell was intoxicating! Why is a huge box of thousands of crayons so enjoyable to look at? And to touch?
3. The joy of sharing this love with someone else. Today it was fun watching the students get excited when they accomplished something. Little lightbulbs coming on!
4. It will be MY classroom! The possibilities are endless, we can paint, draw, make tiles, work with clay, weave, collage, build, printmake, and the list goes on.
5. To be a rolemodel for someone else. These students today obviously respected and admired their teacher. Mrs. Collins, he, he.
6. Maybe a student will continue pursuing art after my class because they had a good experience.
7. To be on the same schedule as my kids (eventually) = the most time spent with my family as possible! Yay!

Then there's all the not-so-glamorous things like classroom management, discipline, & grades!

I'm trying not to get ahead of myself on this prospect. I've learned my lesson before with things not working out that I was sure were the "right thing." Regardless if I get this job or not I will benefit from the experience I will gain being in the classroom. Plus, if Blake and I both worked across town would our kids go to school with us or at a school closer to home where they could be plugged into their community? (not having to drive across town for sleepovers would be a good thing)

I need patience and clarity, it's going to be a long road leading up to whatever happens for me next year!
Thanks for listening!


Yes, I meant to say I am pro-life not pro-choice. Oops!

Tuesday, November 4


I voted for the charming guy today. Some of my closest friends will cheer. Some will gasp. Truth is, I'm not really sure if I made the right choice. It's easy for me to say my vote really didn't matter because I live in a red state. But it matters to me and I'm wrestling with it. I've never really been interested in politics but like most as I get older my interest grows and like most I have been swept up in this election. Blake and I voted for Obama because we felt he was best for our country, for the greater good. Because all that I know is middle class. The one reason I hestitated was the abortion issue. Is it good to be a "one issue" voter? I'm not sure. I am surely pro-life but I did not vote for the pro-choice candidate.

I read this today...after I voted. I thought it was well said.

"If we are Christians, then our spiritual citizenship is in Heaven, not in America or even on this planet. Our Christianity MUST trump our patriotism or nationalism if they come into conflict with one another. And in this election, I believe they do come in conflict. I know that many people are struggling financially and see Barack Obama as a way out perhaps, but really, are our finances more important than the sanctity of human life? Is there ANY “political” issue really more important than this one? Could there possibly be a bigger fish to fry? I say no way."

So I'll continue to wrestle. I'll continue to pray. Pray for our country, pray for our leaders, our new president, whoever he'll be. I'll pray for pregnant mothers. I'll pray they choose life. I'll support and encourage adoption in our country, in my city.

Monday, November 3

My little Autumn fairy. She almost cried after I got her all dressed up.
This is Aunt Bre (Aunt B). My awesome sister-in-law who drove from Edmond on her days off to babysit two days, and who always goes out of her way to spoil my kiddos!

Yes, Halloween was fun. However, I'm left to ask, how much of what we do with our kids is for us rather than them? I enjoyed dressing up the babies, but really Wilder was so overstimulated from trick or treating that he had a major meltdown after it was all over. Probably because he hadn't had a nap that day but still, pretty confusing and a lot to take in for a two year old. Next year, he will really enjoy it. I had this feeling after Gwyn's party as well. I felt a little selfish for taking her up to the park for her party. Even though it seemed she was feeling better that day she still didn't enjoy it too much. Just a reflection, I want to make sure I am always mindful of their needs above my own personal desires.

A few more birthday pics

After Gwyn's birthday party I felt humbled by all the love and support of my family and friends. I think I always feel this way after events like this. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to come celebrate a little girl - and for all the wonderful presents! I just hope that I always return the sentiment when the occasion arrives!
Here is Gwyn on her actual birthday, the day before her party. Turns out she did have a virus in addition to teething. Probably should have cancelled her party.
4 generations of women!
I love Wilder's face in this one. Despite her grogginess Gwyn was all about her cake. (not that you can tell in this pic)

5 Words...

to describe me: (a challenge from Room to Grow)

1. eager
2. dreamer
3. adoring
4. mindful
5. mother

What are yours?