Wednesday, February 29


Yesterday evening wilder asked me to color a picture with him. I said "yes, after I change the laundry." He said, "mom, anytime I ask you to play with me you say you have to do something first." He has a point. I left the wet clothes in the washer and went to color.

This morning on the way to work Wilder asked why I always got angry in the mornings.
He also complained about having to go to school so early in the morning to before care rather than going straight to his classroom.

I'm sorry Wilder. I'm sorry your mom has to work. I'm sorry Gwyneth for losing my temper last night at your broken record requests to cover you up for the hundredth time in bed.

Thank you Lord for new days and for your grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love for me. Give me a little more for my children every day.

Monday, February 27

Addy Jane

Seems like Addy has reached a pinnacle of cuteness during the last few days. She is putting several words together. Today I couldn't believe my ears when she said "get out of here kitty"...of all things her first complete sentence is yelling at the cat. She is a daredevil, seriously goofy, a cuddler, and bossy. She loves reading books. She demands that I "sit" and read them to her. She loves shoes especially boots. I am a terrible mother and have failed to buy her some so she wears Gwyneth's and mine around the house. She still wants me to hold her until she falls asleep. She still ends up in our bed every night. One of the boys at her daycare thinks her name is "mine." She has the crookedest teeth you've ever seen on a baby. She loves her daddy. She looks adorable in baby pannies. Don't let the photo trick you - she is nothing close to potty trained. She loves to sit on the potty. Although after watching Wider do his business last night she assumed the position and faked going in the potty just like him. (hips forward and everything) I thought it was hilarious. Blake thought it was gross.

She is simultaneously draining and life giving. You are totally worth it Addy Jane, I love you to pieces.

(posts on the other two cutie faces coming soon.)