Wednesday, June 25

Full Day

Today I took both Wilder and Gwyn to a work related lunch at Full Moon Cafe. My friend who once worked at Urban Tulsa was visiting from Arizona. I don't usually like to take both babies by myself but I was feeling energetic. Wilder made it about 10 minutes before he was ready to go or at least get out of his chair but still, a successfull and enjoyable time. Afterwards we went to the park with Tasha and Miles (her 1 year old). Tasha and I attempted to have as much conversation as possible between "get those rocks out of your mouth" and "don't throw rocks." When it was time to go Gwyn was tired and hungry so I nursed her in the car before we headed home. I drove away and left her stroller right there on the curb! I realized it about two hours later. Luckily, Blake's mom was at the house so I was able to jump in the car and go after it. As I pulled up to the park someone was getting ready to put it in their trunk! I yelled "that's my stroller!" I made it in the nick of time. So, to all you newer mothers - no, mom brain does NOT go away, sorry.

Two things that make a mom's day:
1. Wilder peed in the potty.
Tonight I asked Wilder if he had poo poo in his diaper and shook his head yes, grabbed a changing mat from Gwyn's room, carried it to his, climbed up on top of his changing table, handed me a wipe, and said "help." I think this probably means he's ready. I guess I had mentioned it a while ago on the blog but soon gave up after I realized he wasn't ready. Anyway, after I, I mean "we," cleaned him up he was acting like he needed to go so we walked into the potty, sat down, and he did some business. I don't know if it was on purpose or not but I made a big deal anyway. Maybe too much info here but I'd like to hear strategies and tips if anyone has them.
2.A big slobbery kiss from my 8 month old daughter.
Tonight after I nursed Gwyn I had to change her diaper so she was awake. (usually she falls asleep and I put her in bed). I was holding her and rocking her trying to get her to go back to sleep and she lifted her head up off my shoulder and stared me in the face. Then she leaned forward and gave me a big, long kiss on the mouth. It was precious. I'm always kissing her but this was so intentional and sweet. She loves her momma!

Let the music play!

I love my new ipod. I had forgotten how much I love music. I just haven't made time to really listen to it in the past couple of years. We listen to it all day at work but I never really contribute to the selection. I love how music can make you feel specific things and it always lightens the mood. I am amazed by musically gifted people. I have $30 to itunes burning a whole in my pocket. I haven't bought music in so long I don't know how I'll decide. Suggestions anyone? And speaking of music, Wilder has a new love of dancing. It's so fun. We currently have Jack Johnson's soundtrack to Curious George in our stereo. He'll point to it and say "De, De". When the music starts he goes crazy! Basically his moves consist of spinning around in circles until he falls down from dizziness.

Also on a music note (ha)...we watched the movie "August Rush" this past Friday night. Have you seen it? Oh my goodness - loved it. Any mom has to love it. Of course it is over the top and unbelievable but so beautiful and touching. If you haven't heard the movie is about a kid who is a musical prodigy that gets separated from his parents at birth and is on a quest to find them. So there, watch it if you haven't. In the meantime, you might get a good laugh from Blake's review below:

"My lovely wife and I just completed a Friday night viewing of “August Rush.” Now, while my wife was quick to put this film into her ever-changing top ten, I chose to gather my thoughts about what I had just witnessed across our small screen. I couldn’t help but notice that “August Rush” had more than a few similarities with one of my favorite movies, “Elf.” Each movie starred a strange character lost in big city of New York; August Rush and Buddy the Elf. Each character featured vast height differences from those around him, one extra tall, one extra less tall. Both came to the city in search of their “real” family. Both characters were hit by cars at one point. August was chastised by the other boys in the boarding home, Buddy chastised by the Elves in the North Pole. Buddy decorated his Dad’s apartment with paper snowflakes; August filled a church office with a quickly written symphony. August got in a fight with a man named Wizard, Buddy was a wizard in a snowball fight. In the emotion-filled climaxes of each movie, the main character found what they were looking for in Central Park; Buddy found Santa and August found a cellist for a mom and fat-lipped Irish man who claimed to be his father. These similarities are astounding. So, should you spend valuable time watching either of these movies? Well, let me just say one movie was absolutely retarded and the other one had a grown man wearing tights and shoes with bells on the tips. Go with the tights."

Road trips are good

I had a great time in Oklahoma City last Saturday. I think road trips are healthy! Lots of time to think and reflect on the road, sort of self-defining time I suppose. As my friend Tasha agreed today, the absolute best thing about going away is returning! It's hard to leave but it's so sweet to come home. Jolyn, Gwyn, and I spent the afternoon shopping around OKC. This photo was taken in a little shop in the Paseo with lots of vintage hats. So girly! We had a nice dinner that evening at Jolyn's house then stayed up late watching movies. Gwyn actually slept great for not being in her own bed. Thanks Jolyn and Corey for being so hospitable!

Thursday, June 19

• Wilder, sweet Wilder. Your 2nd birthday is quickly approaching. Seems like you are growing at rapid speed right now. I love tucking you in your big boy bed, I could cuddle with you for hours! You are saying several more words, a few of my favorites:
peas (please)
tank ew (thank you)
da da (quack quack)
a-me (amen)
Ro (Roy)
Nanny (Nana)
Mummee! (Mommy)

• Weekend Away. Gwyn and I are driving to OKC on Saturday morning to see my friend Jolyn. I'm looking forward to it but I also know it will be strange not being home Saturday night with my boys.

• Job Update. Well it looks like the Riverfield job is not working out. The teacher that was supposed to be resigning is still making up his mind as to what he wants to do. The principal said it might be July before they figure out what they're doing and she might just give art to another teacher and split it with another subject. I'm a little disapointed but I'm OK. I haven't given up on teaching for the fall but waiting one more year may not be such a bad thing. I like my part time schedule right now. Right now while the babies are still so young. If I wait I can take some of the required classes that I need to take this fall and possibly apply for the Owasso job that we know is opening up next year. My current job isn't the most fulfilling, but it's comfortable. My babies are what is fulfilling to me right now.

• Big girl. We moved Gwyn's crib from our room to hers. It is working out nicely so far. She is sleeping 3 hours longer in the morning! Yay!

Monday, June 16

Tonight I had the energy to really clean the kitchen after dinner. I'm honest, this doesn't happen every night much to my regret in the morning. But tonight, I put on gloves and went to town. Wouldn't it be nice if we could bottle energy? Or should I say motivation. Anyone have any ideas on how to go about that? I have a lot to catch up on tonight...since my last post a lot has happened!

1. OLD FASHIONED TENT MEETING. Our church rented a tent and held daily worship services in a public area in Mannford for a week. We managed to make it out Thursday evening. There is just something about worship outside. Actually, we had our Sunday service in the tent so we made it twice. Being outside I was immediately taken back to those hot evenings on mission trips in Central America several years ago. I enjoyed the experience as it was the most connected I've felt in a long time at church.

2. I'm 30. Well it wasn't as scary as I thought. I told Blake all I really wanted for my birthday was an endless amount of sleep. (Must mean I'm getting older huh?) My birthday celebration started on Thursday, I went to lunch with the girls from work and my friends Tasha and Holly. Thank you for the lunch, the sweet cards, and chocolate girls!
Friday I left work early at 3. Blake arranged for mom and dad to watch the babies for the evening. Blake surprised me and took me to a restaurant called The Local Table on Brookside. An upscale restaurant that orders all of it's food locally. So you get a fresher, healthier meal I suppose. He said it would appeal to "my natural side." Actually, that was the hint he gave so I had already figured it out before we got to the restaurant. Our meals were good and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Afterwards we met Chris and Jenn for coffee and dessert on Cherry Street. Jenn was sweet and brought me a bottle of wine. We had fun. Blake got me a gift certificate to Dwelling Spaces, one of my favorite stores, he tried shopping with both babies and finally gave in to the gc - just as well by me!! I almost forgot the beautiful orange roses and matching card, doesn't he have good taste! I also got some very nice phone calls, cards, and gifts (including an ipod - yes, finally). Thanks everyone!

Of course, I felt the need for reflection, it being a big birthday and all. What have I gained? Resolutions? Birthday wishes? Well of course I have so much to be thankful for so I definitely felt good about that. Change? Well, I'd like to be more like my husband. As Blake says, I overthink and he underthinks! Really, he always accuses me of worrying too much, of stressing over problems that aren't even here yet. He says only 5% of what people worry about is worth worrying about. I'm sure he read that somewhere on his MSN homepage, but probably true. For me to really be able to let go and not overthink I really need to be able to trust God. What a big and easy thing to say, I want to work on making this more of a reality in my everyday life, not just saying it. Easier said than done.

3. Family Reunion. Check out Jenny's blog (Lusty Family) for our group pic and a great commentary! I checked in on papa tonight and he is doing a ton better!

4. Oh Sister. When we took Gwyn to get her picture made two weeks ago she could barely sit up. Now, for the last week she has been sitting tall, crawling, and pulling up. Crazy! She is making some major transitions right now as well with her daddy and I. She likes constant attention and as we all know that is not always possible. Especially with a toddler. Today I was reading on another mom's blog about her feelings after a second baby. She felt sad that she couldn't give the second one the undivided attention she gave the first. This is just an unfortunate, fact of life I suppose! It's a fact but it's really hard. As a mom I want to give equal love and attention to both of my babies. It will get easier the older they get but Lord have mercy in the meantime!

5. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in my life!

Monday, June 9


was the theme for our weekend. Blake and I had some time together on Saturday for our anniversary. I don't feel like we're done celebrating yet though. I claim June as my favorite month of the year...I celebrate our anniversary and my birthday all month long! (anyone else have a birthday month?). Anyway, Blake's parents kept the babies for the afternoon so we went to lunch at Los Cabos at the Riverwalk. I wanted to sit outside and imagine we were somewhere else. It was nice. I was in a picture taking mood. Blake kept making fun of me because we were acting like tourists in our home town. Well after lunch we went to the bookstore and got some coffee and hung out for a little bit. We're hoping to take a weekend trip before school starts. We've been wanting to go to IKEA in Dallas for a LONG time. Perhaps to buy a new couch and other fun little things. We've been saving our extra change for about 3 years now. We decided we would cash it in every 5 years for vacation or fun money. I'm exctied to see how much we have, we're cashing it in this week.

And sweet brother is now a married man. I left my camera at my parents house for the rehearsal dinner so didn't have it on Sunday. I stole a couple of the disposable cameras that were supposed to be left on the tables (sorry Amanda, I'll make doubles) to at least have something - so pics coming. Amy (Lemasters blog) took some great ones: I felt kinda sad that I have been too busy with my own life to really be more involved with the wedding. I felt like I just kinda put on a dress and showed up, it all came too fast. It wasn't until half way through the reception that the reality of what was happening sunk in. I had a nice dance with my brother. He has really grown up in the last year and I'm proud of him. And it was just cool to have all of our family together, I think all the time what an awesome family I have. It was just a good party, everyone had fun, including my husband. Oh yes, he did show his stuff in a dance off. When they called his name along with my brother Terry and some other of Dennis's groomsmen I wasnt sure if he'd go for it. It took him a little while to get the nerve but he totally let loose. Yes, tears of laughter, good times. I hope I got a picture, did anyone else?

I have lots more to write about but sleepiness is taking over. Looking forward to two days at home with Blake and the babies.
More soon.


Thursday, June 5


1. PICTURE DAY. Need I say more. It's intense, no matter what. A little humor though...We finally make it to the mall, as we're trying to get the kids clothes changed the lady behind the desk is entering our info into the computer. She asks Blake for Gwyneth's date of birth. "November," he says. I look at him like he's crazy and confidently say, "no, it's September." So she changes it to September. Then he looks at me and quietly says Gwyneth was born in October. "Yeah, she was born in October." We did get some good phots that I can't wait to share.

2. BIG BOY BED. As I'm typing this I think Wilder may have fallen asleep in his new bed by himself for the first time. Shh, we'll see how long he makes it. After one night of trying and not very much sleep for anyone last Sunday we decided to put him back in his crib. We quickly learned that cold turkey wasn't the way to go. So now he has both beds in this room so he can make the transition himself. Thank you Jessica for letting us borrow your crib for Gwyneth in the meantime. A lesson that it seems like I'm learning a lot lately - You can't force kids to do everything (although I did make wilder brush his teeth tonignt). I was on a big potty training kick but soon realized it was more for me than for Wilder. So I guess I'll wait until he's ready.

3. POOP. Cloth diapers have been ok. I've been willing to do the extra laundry. Now that Gwyn is pretty consistently on solids well you know what that means for the diapers. No more just throwing them into the wash and it all rinsing out. Before Gwyn was born I obsessed about getting this sprayer that attaches to my toilet just for this occasion (solid poop). Easy, you just spray into the toilet and flush. The stupid sprayer totally leaks and soaks my bathroom floor when I use it. So, now I've been going to the front yard and using the waterhose. It actually works really well but sometimes I splash myself in the face. I actually just sprayed one before sitting down to write this and I think I got a little in my mouth.

In other news...
1. INTERVIEW AT RIVERFIELD. Well I think it went pretty good. I know I am being considered, I just don't know how many applicants I'm up against. I am really excited about this school and I hope things work out. If not, that's ok too. I'll go on about the details if I get it!

2. My baby brother is getting married Sunday! Should be a good time! And I have a new dress and haircut for the occasion. Blake and I are also celebrating our 5 Year wedding anniversary this Saturday.