Monday, August 12

Just Be Present

I just loved this. Just what I needed starting back to school tomorrow. 
We all hear it sometimes…the whisper in our hearts that says, “You really should be doing more.” It usually intrudes right into the middle of our ordinary. When we’re washing dishes. Or changing diapers. Or driving to work in the morning.
wise friend of mine says that lie is a dangerous one because every time we tell ourselves we should be doing “more,” it leads to less…
Being less present where we are right now.
Less peace.
Less joy.
Less love for those who are right in front of us.
Can you trust that you’re where you’re supposed to be in this moment, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and if that’s supposed to change then God will make that clear to you? Yes, be open to new possibilities. Learn. Grow. Take steps forward.
But say “no” to the lie that you must do more.
It’s simply not true.
So take a deep breath, lean into grace, and live fully where you are today…God is already taking care of tomorrow {and He’s the only one who can}.
Holley Gerth