Saturday, March 17

I know, I've been way behind on my updates. (thanks for the nudge Sheila) Here is a photo of Wilder swinging at the little park by our house. He loves the baby buckt swing (I know, I've got it covered because I'm a little anal about germs). As you can see, the patch...only one more week of wearing them. His eye surgery is this coming Friday the 23rd. Please pray for the him and the doctor. Keeping up with him has been quite the challenge lately, he has mastered crawling and is into pulling up on anything he can get his hands on. I think we've got an early walker here!

Without rambling on about all the stress lately, how about something fun! I got free tickets at work for Blake and I to see Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard (and other old guys) in concert last Thursday. Blake loves old country and I'm coming around. I'd never seen either of them so it was fun - wow, they are OLD. The coolest thing, UTW did some trading so we got limo ride to the concert! Fancy huh?

To all of you who read this, I'm glad you do. I wish I could stay in touch better. Deanna, Brandy, Emily, Saundra, Kaci...I hope you all are doing well. Leave me comments, I'd love to get 'em. And you all should get blogs too.

And the pic of roy is just for fun. Currently Wilder's most favorite thing...the magic beagle.

Isn't Spring refreshing. Just makes life better doesn't it.

Love Shelly