Monday, August 28

OK, so the whole hospital experience wasn't exactly what we'd planned for but the outcome of course was wonderful. Even though Wilder's arrival was difficult we're thankful that he is doing well and is a perfectly healthy baby. (and mom is recovering just fine from her C-section). Seriously, could God have made him anymore beautiful? I spent 9 months thinking about our baby but I had no idea how taken I'd be by him until he was actually here. A friend asked me the other day if the newness had worn off - no, I still stare at him and marvel at this little thing we've been blessed with. Actually, I call him my little stunt monkey because of his long, skinny, arms and legs and his constant wiggling. Oh, he was 8.1 pounds and 22 inches long, fourth biggest baby in the hospital - not bad. On Wednesday the 30th he will be two weeks old.

The first two weeks have been a series of ups and downs but that's to be expected right? So far, the four o'clock feedings and coaxing back to sleep have been a labor of love (ask me in two more weeks). WIlder still thinks day is nighttime and nighttime is daytime - we've got to get this kid turned around. I always thought Baby blues were a funny thing, how could a new mom be sad when she has a new baby? Wierd - it happens. I think I've cried at least onece every day so far - sometimes over our experience in the hospital, sometimes for joy, and sometimes for no reason at all! (in times like these thank God for chocolate) I know it will all get easier as time goes - gotta love hormones. As of now I'm doing my best to get adjusted to my new role as the "Dairy Queen", and the fact that only so much can be done in a day now that my time is no longer my own.

And Blake, he has been wonderfull. He had to totally jump into fatherhood in the hospital because I couldn't really get up to do much. He changed the first dirty diaper and about a billion more since. (Wilder eats like a pig and has the diapers to prove it.) I've marveled at him as well, seeing him as a dad has made him even more attractive than ever and I feel lucky to have such a wonderful husband. I'm looking forward to the time when we get to start having date nights again.
Hope you enjoy the pics, I'll work on getting a pic with his eyes actually open!

Tuesday, August 15

Last Day Before Parenthood!

Well this is my first entry and introduction to the Blog World! I figured it was time because now more than ever we need to stay in touch with family and friends and be able to share photos of the newest addition to our family - Wilder Blake Collins, estimated time of arrival - Tomorrow! So how do I have time to start a blog the day before his arrival? Well I've been home for two days cleaning like a mad woman, everything is packed, folded, dusted, get the idea. Starting a blog was a good way to get my mind off our big day tomorrow. For starters, we moved into our first house in March. Not exactly the house of our dreams but a good solid house in a good neighborhood, we definitely have the funkiest "80's contemporay-(yikes!)" house on the block. Also, here is a pic of Wilder in the oven. I will have to post some pics soon of the end of my pregnancy and of course baby pics!