Thursday, February 10

I was pleasantly surprised a few days ago by this unexpected splash of color I found hiding by my bedroom window. It is my grandmother's Begonia. Here's to little bits of color and joy...warmer weather is on the horizon!

Sunday, February 6

Top 11 Things about Blizzard 2011 (in no particular order)

1. 3 days without makeup
2. Clean house!
3. Exercise in the form of the Kinect and carrying Gwyn on my back in the snow.
4. Taking Wilder and Gwyn sledding on a giant piece of cardboard.
5. Lots of episodes of Modern Family (and not feeling guilty for not doing something more productive.)
6. Lots and lots of time with the wee ones.
7. Pictures hung, photos printed and in frames.
8. Rearranged the kiddos rooms.
9. Watching the kids play with their dad in the snow through the kitchen window as I'm cooking.
10. Having a front row parking place at the movies because no one else was dumb enough to get out.
11. Time to update my blog...for all of you that check my blog every once in a while and are so tired of seeing the same things, I'm sorry!!
She is really sleeping in this photo. Prior to bed she had a serious meltdown about losing this balloon.