Sunday, February 21

Sunday Evening

A friend at church gave me this poem today. Written by a jewelry artist she loves. I think I loved it because I related to almost all of it!

I love my life.
I love what I do.
I am a Leo. (or a Gemini)

I am obsessive.
I am shy.
I am strength.

I love coffee.
I can't be without my designer boots. (or new retro New Balance tennis shoes)
I am at peace when I can hear the water and feel the wind.

I am socially awkward.
I love to observe.
I believe in balance, patience, and what lies ahead.
I recycle.

I work hard and give everything
to my family and career.
I love being a mommy.
I am learning as I go.

It has been a journey for me
and I am thankful for every tear
and every laugh.
My family and friends are beautiful.
My husband is my rock.
I am in love.

I create from the heart.
Sometimes it works and sometiems it doesn't.
I dedicate my line to the enormity of
(I may need to think how to adapt this last line specifically)

Other weekend highlights:
Weekend Highlights!
-My house is in much better shape than it was Friday night.
-Celebrated my mom's birthday at my grandmother's house. Hence, got to see my grandmother and the rest of the family.
-Spent some quality time painting, cutting, gluing, and playing with Wilder and Gwyn this afternoon.

Sunday, February 14


Just had a great lunch with mom and dad. Wilder and Gwyn have enjoyed Valentine's Day. Wilder keeps saying "Happy New Year" instead. Of all holidays I guess New Years made a lasting impression! Mom made a super yummy cheesecake for Valentines Day. I, with no shame, asked for a second piece. Nobody else did. This sweet craving is getting out of control. Blake has been buying chocolate candy for our Sunday school class we're teaching. Needless to say he's had to rebuy some because of my candy habit. Last week I told him to hide the bag from me. I found it in Roy's dogfood tub. Gross. I didn't think the kids would appreciate smelly dog food candy so I exercised some self control and put it in the pantry.

We get another ultrasound tommorow. Maybe I can post some pictures of the baby and my quickly growing belly. A little discouraging to think I have three more months and my shirts are getting to small already.

Our fridge died this week. Because of it our house smells like rotten fish. I guess it stayed thawed out in the freezer too long and after scrubbing it, it still smells. On the night we threw out all the food and Blake headed for the grocery store I had to be a little creative on what to feed the kids for dinner. We made what I called "peanut butter cookie oatmeal". Not bad. Pb, sugar, butter, raisins, and oatmeal. Wilder also ate practically a whole avacado with it. Gwyn ate cheetos.

I don't know why but I have become much more relaxed about what goes into my kiddos and my body lately. During this whole pregnancy really. It seems less significant than in times past. Maybe I realize there's bigger things to worry about? We'll see how long it lasts.

I took Wilder and Gwyn to the museum yesterday for free second saturday. I love this program. The kids had a great time and really enjoy the activities. Yesterday they made paper mobiles which they drug over the whole museum and outside garden. I had to staple them about 100 times back together last night. Each time you go they give the kiddos a free art supply. We got watercolor markers yesterday that we haven't tried yet. As we were leaving our friend was on her way to paint with her daughter. We had already been there for 2 hours and needed to go to the grocery store so I made Wilder leave despite the cries of "I want to paint!" What did I do? I coaxed him out of the museum with the promise of ice cream. Ok, so I wanted some too.

So at the grocery store I was lucky to find a front row parking place. On the way out I was taking a long time to pull out because I was handing out peanut butter whoppers - see I'm out of control. (actually Wilder ordered a pineapple shake at Sonic and didn't like it and was upset so I told him I'd get him some candy inside the store). Anyway, apparently I was taking a really long time and there was a man in a truck waiting for my parking spot. He honked to get my attention. Does anyone else think this is rude? So as I was pulling out I honked back. Then he flipped me the bird. How rude. Really, to a pregnant lady with two kids? He could have found another spot and have walked in to the store with all the time he waited. Lazy jerk!