Saturday, October 17

Embracing Fall

Fall IS sort of wonderful isn't it? I had my first visit to a pumpkin patch today. (mom,dad?) So fun!! I took the kids and we had the best time. We went to Pleasant Valley Farms, west of Discovery Land. It is a real farm (they have Christmas Trees too) with all the country charms. I loved the little store inside the barn, it had an open fire and hot chocolate and cider. The kids had a great time too. There was a petting zoo with baby goats - very cute. I wish I could play the video I have of Gwyn chasing them around the pumpkin patch...still not sure if they were supposed to be outside of their cage. We even took a hay ride!

It was quite a thrill for Wilder to be in control of our wagon. I had to secretly keep putting pumpkins back. He didn't understand why we couldn't ake them all home.Notice the tape on the glasses. Nice.You have no idea how many shots it took me to get this.After a while we had a rest with some cider, Gwyn decided to kick it farmer style.Because they're just so pretty.

Sunday, October 11

God has a sense of humor...

and He isn't always logical. At least not like we are. Logically Blake and I decided we were done having children. Two was a good round number, comfortable. It was enough for us to make things permanent with Blake's surgery. I wonder really just how many couples have found out they were pregnant before the man even had the surgery. Maybe that's just how God works. What is even more of a testament to God's working is the fact that Blake originally had his surgery scheduled a few weeks earlier, who knows if we would be EXPECTING OUR THIRD CHILD if that would have happened. And the timing! Our baby is due May 14th, right at the end of the school year! So we will have all summer!

We're happy. We're humbled. We're in shock! We need a bigger house and car. I'm only 9 weeks and already have a little belly.

Current craving: Warm banana pudding (with wafers and bananas).

More to come, maybe the story of the evening I realized I was pregnant...

Thursday, October 8

Rain, Rain

It's 8:09 on a school night and I am doing absolutely nothing. It's raining outside, I have my window open here by the computer so I can listen to the sound of the rain in the woods behind our house. It's chilly enough with the window open that I had to get my favorite grandma sweater (no offense grandmother's) out of my closet for the first time this fall. Get used to it people, you're going to be seeing alot of me in this sweater.

Tonight was the second evening of parent teacher conferences. Blake had them too, so I'm waiting for him to get home. Being so close to bedtime Wilder and Gwyn stayed with Jud and Lynda tonight, less driving, and they will get to sleep in in the morning.

Dirty dishes in the sink, PILES of laundry, clothes to be ironed, yeah, yeah, it's not going anywhere right? My brain just needs to not be on a task right now.

School is hard but I'm not giving up easily. Meeting parents makes it better. Gives me hope. It will just keep getting easier. I yelled at my 6th hour theater class to shut up yesterday, loudly. Got their attention. I surprised myself. Sent my first kid out in the hall because HE WOULD NOT STOP TALKING WHEN I WAS TALKING. However, I officially now have my first favorite student. Can't he just stay in 9th grade for a few years? Maybe I'll bribe all his teachers to flunk him.

Meanwhile our daughter is making a GRAND entrance into her terrible two's. I have never seen such stubborness. She would rather take the punishment than give in and say sorry, or do without rather than saying please. Wilder is so much more tender hearted. She hurts his feelings sometimes. He occasionally makes her cry too...healthy sibling relationship so far. Wilder is currently loving his train track, thomas the train, cars, yogurt (NOT STIRRED), anything he can do "by himself", making up words, it's like he speaks in tongues sometimes, singing, games, talking on the phone. I suppose it's worth mentioning that he is currently NOT LOVING POOPING OR PEEING IN THE POTTY. Gwyn currently likes books, SHOES (not just her own, she wore Wilder's out of the house this week), giving dirty looks, elmoabby (one word), & tinkerbell.

Now I'm going to stay up long enough for the one person on televisioin worthy of staying up for: Michael Scott. With Blake on the couch. Nice.

Sweet dreams blogosphere! I've missed you.