Wednesday, December 13

So the blog got a makeover! Thanks to all of you who have been leaving comments on my blog. I love reading them. I check it a lot at work and get excited to see a new comment. It's an easy way to stay in touch!

I have enjoyed being home the last two days today and definitely have enjoyed the warm weather. I took Wilder out in our jeep stroller yesterday and had to air up the tire 4 times! So anyone know how to fix a flat on a stroller?! There is a trail that connects to our street with a small playground at the top of the hill. After passing it a hundred times on our walks I stopped to swing yesterday. Wilder was asleep in the stoller so I obliged! Crazy how relaxing swinging can be! It definitely took the tension out of my body! It felt good to stop and enjoy my surroundings and to take a few minutes to reflect and thank God for the simple things and all of our blessings despite the stress we've had lately. And also to just be reminded that He is present! It has been so hard for me to stay spiritually healthy now that it is such a time challenge to have any kind of personal life! I think it's taking me a little longer than I expected to adjust to motherhood than I thought, I suppose all moms have the ongoing challenge of caring for themselves as well as they care for their little ones! And just think, I only have one!

As for Wilder I think he is over his ear infection and feeling much better, he's been in a great mood this week. I decided we needed a family photo for Wilder's first Christmas so I got us an appoitment at Target this last Saturday - it was terrible! Wilder definitely wouldn't coopertate so all we got was one lousy sheet of one semi-decent photo of the three of us. And a very expenscive one at that, I chose Target becasue they are the most affordable in town. However, Blake lost some cash when he was pulling coupons out of his pocket and I guess someone in the store decided to pick it up instead of return it to him. So yeah, that plus the crazy Christmas crowds at 71st and Memorial made for a not very fun Saturday. Oh well, better luck next time.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! I'm trying! We drove around a little last night on our way home and looked at some lights!

Love ya!

Sunday, December 3

Wow, I have some catching up to do. It seems like this last week was forever long-or just eventful. On my days off this past week I decided (and had been planning) to go to OKC to visit my friend Jolyn and see baby Kaitlyn. I questioned going just because all the work involved and thought I'd probably just be more tired from going - but i did and it was a good trip. I started getting ready at 8am Tuesday morning to leave at 2 o'clock! it was fun seeing Jolyn and getting to talk to her about motherhood. It is amazing how different kaitlyn and wilder are, wilder is so active, kaitlyn is much more laid back - like her parents according to Jolyn! Anyway, Wilder and I made it home Wednesday morning before any of the weather hit.

Of course Blake had two snow days Thursday and Friday, I was so disappointed that I couldn't stay home with him and Wilder. I ventured out in the jeep both mornings and made it to work with no problems on the snow or ice. I actually was the first one to work Friday morning - I still think I deserve some sort of prize or something! Blake was a little worn out from being home with Wilder both days - Wilder's his new thing is wanting to be mobile all the time, you should see how he loves to stand and bounce on his legs. We can't wait until he can crawl on his own, I think he'll be less frustrated and hopefully less fussy. Blake did manage to get out of the house Thursday when I got home from work to get out in the snow. He loaded up the beagles and headed to the river in the jeep. Of course they all had a blast and aftewards I heard Blakes ongoing request of "can we please move to Colorado?" He absolutely loves mountains and snow. Blake took this photo of our house on Friday morning - isn't it pretty!

Yesterday, as Blake's birthday gift, he and his dad went to Kansas City to watch the sooners play in the Big12 Championship. You can only imagine how excited they were. For two guys that can talk about football for an entire car ride home from Ada to Tulsa (2 hours on Thanksgiving Day) this was a pretty big deal. They made it home about 3'oclock this morning. So, yesterday Wilder and I hung out with my mom and dad. We went to visit Papa in the hospital - which he is doing great and coming home today. Then dad watched Wilder and mom and I went to the mall. I hadn't been shopping in so long so it was super fun to just see stuff! I love Christmas decorations - ornaments, lights, trees, you name it. When we got back to the house we were getting ready to eat dinner and the electricity went out!! -one hour before the game! you can image the frenzy this sent my dad into. (can you blame him?) after getting the generator working and realizing the TV was out because the cable was out too we came to my house so they could watch the game.

Well, have to wrap up quickly, Blake's awake and it's time to get moving towards church.