Monday, April 16


I have started reading 1000 Gifts, A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, by Anne Voskamp

My first thought is how does someone write so poetic, so unordinary? Simply beautiful. I understand why people have read the book more than once, it's impossible to absorb all of it's truth in just one time. The dare is to name 1000 gifts with the goal of growing a heart of gratitude towards God, therefore becoming more aware of his involvement in every detail of our lives. To gain fullness and joy!

I feel like I have always had an appreciation for little things but I want to go deeper. I want to see more. I would like share highlights of my list here, for the joy of sharing, and with those who are also reading the book.

I am currently on the chapter 4 about time. She says nothing good comes from being in a hurry. Bad, ugly things come out of my mouth when I'm in a hurry. I would love to never be in a hurry. How in the world to I do that? I laugh as Blake moves in slow motion getting cereal out of the panty as I quote "Haste makes waste"

Sometimes all of the things in my life can feel like burdens. I know this not true by any stretch of the imagination. When exhaustion sets in I lose my ability to "see" as I should. I long for more consistency in my ability to feel fullness and joy.

Ok, here goes.
1. Fresh cut roses from my back yard displayed in my single serving wine bottles!
2. Sisters becoming friends.
3. Addys crooked teeth. I mean really crooked.

997 more to go. The true question, how many times can I list coffee and chocolate on the list?