Wednesday, June 22

Poor Baby

Addy has a tooth brush fetish. She has her own white My Little Pony brush but she would prefer to chew on Gwyn's pink Dora brush. One of her favorite spots is hanging out at the bathroom sink on the step stool. Tonight Gwyn's toothbrush was within hand's reach. She climbed up, grabbed the brush, and was walking down the hall with it. I told her no and gave her brush to her. She did this a few times. I thought we had moved on and I was in my room. I turned to look and there she was standing, swim diaper only, with Gwyn's toothbrush in her mouth. She gave me the most mischievious grin and shook her head no. She shakes her head when she knows she's doing something she shouldn't. As I said no addy and started towards her she turned and sprinted as fast as her fat baby legs could move her. She was not giving up that pink toothbrush. When I caught her she face planted in defeat, screaming. Poor baby. Here's to just really wanting what you can't have.

Forget crayons, just buy her some body paint

Of Wilder and Gwyneth, Gwyneth is not my artist. Meaning, she doesn't really have much of an attention span when it comes to coloring. Wilder can spend hours in a coloring book. However, today, she proved me wrong. While we were sitting in the car waiting for Blake in one of the hundreds of grocery stores we went in today I had a passing thought that Gwyn was being really quiet but didn't think much of it. When I got back into the car with the FP groceries Blake said "you have to look at your daughter's hands." I could have believed she was wearing purple gloves. I guess she found a purple marker in the back seat. I have never seen her do anything that thorough. It was just funny. I caught this picture after the first layer of purple washed off! She said tonight that she just felt like being messy.

Grocery Angst (a rambling story)

I am totally breaking up with coupons. I don't know how people save enormous amounts of money with coupons. The Coupon Queen does it. She makes it look easy and makes you feel shameful for NOT using coupons. Being summer I figured since I had the time I would make a valiant effort to embrace couponing. I clipped, got my binder organized, printed coupons from the internet. So today, grocery day. The ads came in the mail, we checked bargains at all the major stores. Made a plan. Let's, for a change, not go to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart owns us. We normally shop at Wal-Mart because it's the only close store and you can comparison shop. I felt optimistic, maybe this time, things would be different and we would beat Wal-Mart by spending the same or less amount of money shopping somewhere else. We were wrong. Anyway, since we were not in hurry we decided to take the extra time to drive to South Tulsa. We decided to do the majority of our shopping at SuperTarget then hit Reasors, Food Pyramid, and Whole Foods for various items on sale. First, three kids no matter how you shake it is just stressful in a grocery store, even if there's two adults. Addy is in full monkey stage and the other two, well are just loud and busy. We ended up spending about the same amount at Target as we do at Wal-Mart but still lacking several items. Reasor's was ok, we just bought a few things that were on sale. Then we headed across town on Tulsa's terribly awful in-construction streets and finally made it to Whole Foods and FP. Blaked grabbed a Rotisserie chicken with a free side then I went into what I thought was going to be my saving grace, Food Pyramid. Now, I had never been into a FP until last Saturday. I was impressed with their natural and organic selection which motivated me to go online and print healthy coupons (like organic yogurt). The FP I went into Sat was a different one than the one I went into next to Whole Foods. The store, of course, was arranged entirely different than the other one, the few things I could not find I just didn't get because three kids and Blake were waiting in the car. I could have swore they had the type of yogurt I wanted and had printed several coupons for, but they didn't. I learned as I was walking in that they don't double coupons over 50cents. Boo. I was totally pumped that they had organic blueberries for $2. That was the main reason I wanted to go. Only 6oz for $2 - not the pints we're used to! I'm sure that was in the add but I'm still not blaming myself! ha. To make things worse I even bought things I forgot I had a coupon for and a few things that Blake had bought at Target that I didn't see him throw in the cart. So total fail. Just a long, hot, frustrating afternoon. Hey, but we did get milkshakes from Steak and Shake for all of us for a total of $5 with coupon and happy hour combo. Not bad! I just wanted to feel like I was getting a deal today but we ended up spending about $60 more than we usually do. Oh well.

Monday, June 20

Mind of a Child

Gwyn, after the subject of heaven came up in our bedtime prayers: I don't want to go to heaven (almost crying).
Me: We'll all be there together, it will be fun.
Gwyn: But I don't want to go to heaven.
Me: Is it because you don't want to leave our house?
Gwyn: Yes
Me: Well, you'll have a new house in heaven or maybe ours will be there. Would you like that?
Gwyn: Yes, but mom (with great concern), our house is too heavy.
Me: Well Gwyn, don't you worry. God can do anything.

As I turned out the lights I could see the wheels turning. Dear God, please give Gwyneth sweet dreams about heaven so she'll look forward to someday being there. Amen.

Sunday, June 19

June is...

...morning runs
...metromint water, yummy
...lazy Sunday afternoons because I don't have to work Monday
...heavenly. Enjoyed reading about a 4 year old boy's account of his visit to heaven in Heaven is for Real
...enjoying my fixed up house...please sell, please
...summer evenings, my favorite
...short shorts
...celebrating 33 and 8 years of marriage
...confirmation of a new job in Owasso!

Livin Easy at the Lake