Thursday, May 21

Brain Drain

I've been trying this coupon thing lately. I mean, trying to be really intentional about it. I've learned a lot, saved a lot. Have been printing coupons online. I don't know how healthy we're eating because I've been planning meals around what I can get on sale. We're getting fat from my couponing...but we have more cash than we usually have 3 days before I get paid. Probably not worth my kids being a little malnourished. How often can you eat mac and cheese and hot dogs before you feel totally disgusting? I appreciate the abundance of Kraft coupons lately but really, can you make a dinner around ranch dressing? I can't pass up a 50¢ box of Frosted Flakes but I'm afraid my husband will not be happy that it's the second box in under a month (I snuck it in the pantry last night thinking maybe he'd think it was the same one. Didn't work). This has to stop somewhere! I am hopeful, I am signed up to attend a FREE coupon class at Whole Foods next month so I can learn how to save money and eat organic/healthy at the same time...a bit more balance would be nice...and needed.

Wednesday I found out I did NOT get the Owasso job I've been working towards. It's ok, really. I'll spare the details here and move quickly to the next thought:

Within an hour of the news I found out there is a position for an elementary art teacher in SAND SPRINGS!!! At Central Fine ARTS Academy. (I shouldn't be advertising this) Be still my heart. I almost freaked. Ok, sort of am freaking and trying to be cool about this. Hoping. The Lord is funny sometimes.

About waiting. Some might be surprised but those that really know me I am an instant gratification kind of person. I think maybe I have my dad to thank for this. In Blake's words - calm down people.

"I don't want to" and "let me do it" are my least two favorite phrases right now. Not an exaggeration, I think Wilder said "I don't want to" about 100 times this morning as I was trying to take him to the babysitter. Fun morning. I finally joined him in his tears. Not a good way to start your day when you snag your arm on the door while you're carrying one child, three trucks, one bag, one blanket, and dragging one child. I said s**t. That's the reality people. Hopefully Wilder was too busy sobbing that he didn't hear.

I've made peace with the fact that the seeds and soil I got for Mother's Day are not going to magically turn into a fruitful garden by themselves. So I plan on returning them and using the money to get some nice, manageable, container plants. :) Luckily my dad has been generous to share veggies from his garden!

Speaking of container's...Tuesday I was able to rummage through the leftovers of a church garage sale and found LOTS of things I didn't know I needed. I think heaven will be one garage sale after another including all of the storage I need so I can have the biggest mismatched dish collection you've ever seen. Oh, I found a huge, yellow, ceramic, sea shell shaped pot that will be perfect with a little succulent plant. I also found costume jewelry, wooden toys, vintage children's books, holiday decorations, glasses, a purse...ALL FOR FREE.

Just a few more days until Blake will be done with school and we'll be on summer pace around here. Yay!! It's been sort of a roller coaster ride lately.

Thursday, May 7

Started a new book today

I love when I come across a good book on my own, which is hard to do. I found my beloved Barbara Kingsolver before Blake and I got on a plane for our honeymoon. We stopped in a book store to get books for our trip. I didn't intend to get anything really but found Kingsolver next to the Steven King books and thought The Bean Trees looked interesting. I've tried picking books at random since and have failed miserbly.

Anyway, I came across a compelling article this author wrote about her difficulty with prayer. When I looked her up she just happened to have one book in the library system - in Sand Springs! The book is Confessions of an Amateur Believer by Patty Kirk. I'm on page 22, very interesting so far. It's an autobiography of her journey from catholicism as a girl, to atheism, to evangelical Christianity. She is authentic, real, humorous, and a very creative writer.

I've been avoiding Twilight as I'm aware of it's ability to consume. Sigh. Someone help me get some good fiction in between all these serious books I'm reading lately!

Tuesday, May 5

No blue skies, but plenty of blue elsewhere!

Today was an excellent rainy day at home. I just took a shower a few minutes ago, awesome!

This is what I found today:This is what I let happen today:This is what I made a little boy do today: (actually, he really wanted to clean which helped)
Notice he managed to color his backPoor Gwyn, she will always fall victim.

Not sure if this qualifies me into the cool mom category or the foolish sucker category.

Update! We are officially DONE with the pacifier! I was anticipating the weaning to be much worse than it actually was. All we did was cut the tip off and Wilder really wanted nothing else to do with it. He's been without it for 3 nights now. He has been much more attached to me at bedtime which is understandable until he learns to soothe himself without it. Next hurdle potty training - bring it!

Ready for tacos (Happy Cinco) and Idol, doesn't get much better than that!