Sunday, August 30

An explanation

Thought it might be a good idea to elaborate on the whole "art is sexy" thing! The first day of class we had some extra time so we started a discussion on why "art/creativity are good things." After most obvious answers were stated, I was digging so I made the point about creativity being an attractive trait. In response, a girl said so you're saying "art is sexy?" Um, let me clarify...Yeah, pretty akward, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Typical new teacher, trying to apply everything she's learned on the first day. During orientation the guest speaker made the point about making curriculum apply to the students interests. For example, no boy likes a girl who has bad grammar, right? So that was sort of my direction. Geez!

Friday, August 28

School is Cool

I survived my first full week of school. Some lovely moments...some not so lovely. Here are some photos of my classroom. If only I would have taken a before photo! The new schedule has been pretty hard on the kiddos. They cried the mornings I took them to our new babysitter. I'm hoping next week will be better. Speaking of new babysitter, please pray for our new babysitter Phillis. She is an angel. (not my words, but someone else's, I have to agree) She told me this week she is probably going to have back surgery which means we will have to find a new babysitter. She wholeheartedly loves children and has given so much over the years, I'm praying that God will bless her as she has blessed so many families by healing her back. Not just for our benefit but hers of course!

So far I am enjoying teaching. The hardest thing has been planning curriculum since it's not clearly defined for art and theater. Next year will be SO much better.

New teacher [self-learned] survival tips:
1. Try to avoid the phrase "art is sexy" coming up in your first hour, first day of school.
2. Please remember to bring plastic utensils so you don't have to stir creamer into your much needed coffee with a toothpick.
3. Try to socialize even though you don't have time. Make yourself leave your classroom and talk to other teachers during lunch, you might learn something.
4. Don't make jokes before your students know your sense of humor. They won't laugh.
5. Try to have realistic expectations. My husband has been great about offering a dose of reality to my crazy ideas.
6. For every difficult student there are twice as many delightful ones. Enjoy them.
7. Don't be too quick to celebrate the worst student in your theater class getting his schedule changed...he might just show up in your art class.
8. The faster you can memorize names the better. Seating charts are awesome.
9. Wear comfortable shoes.
10. Planning is highly necessary but flexibility is paramount.
11. Students assume you know more than you really do, roll with it!
12. The Croc-Pot will be your best friend.

Thursday, August 20

A Conversation I had with my daughter tonight

preface: While trying to wash Gwyn in the bath tonight I asked her to stand up so I could wash her bottom. Sometimes she absolutely refuses and will play spaghetti body and go completely limp and WILL NOT STAND UP. So frustrating, considering that she is slick as snot and I can barely hold on to her. After asking her repeatedly I told her I was going to spank her bottom if she didn't stop.

While drying her off after the bath:

Mom, with a stinging hand: "Gwyn, did mommy spank you?"
Gwyn, with a red hand print on her butt: "Mommy spank"
Mom: "Do you care?"
Gwyn: "No"

Lord have mercy. Did not even phase her. Ok, so maybe this story isn't that remarkable in print but my little girl seems to be reveiling her stubborness more and more lately. Anyone have a copy of The Strong Willed Child?

In other news, my first day of school was AWESOME! A post soon to come...

Saturday, August 15

A good way to finish the summer

We celebrated Wilder's 3rd birthday today. I'm so proud of my boy. It was nice to take some time to pause right before school starts to celebrate him. I even spent some time with him in the dirt in the backyard today playing with his new mini bulldozers, dumptrucks, and backhoe loaders. Pretty relaxing, I must say. I might have enjoyed it more than he did. I'm not sure what he thought about his cake. Don't you love his confused expression. What the heck mom, really? And even though we forgot to sing him Happy Birthday before he blew his candles out we made sure to sing it later. Happy Birthday Wilder!

I think he felt pretty good about his new scooter. (Thank you grandma and grandpa). He's watched the older kids ride theirs in our neighborhood with much intrique. Today, he said "I have a scooter like every body else?" This is MY scooter? Yes, baby, it's all yours.
That is until your sister gets a hold of it. (Do they make a pink radio flyer?)