Thursday, September 28

First Visit to the Park

Yesterday Wilder was 6 weeks old and I guess we celebrated with his first visit to the park. I can tell already that he loves being outside. I had a great time with my friend Sarah. She has a special way of always helping me keep things in perspecitve - very helpful now that everything in our lives has changed (is changing and will change!), pretty much it's ok to focus on what's important right now and everything else can wait!! ok! (She is an excellent artist, visit her website: Mostly just pics today, hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, September 26

Hello Everyone. This week Wilder and I are at our 6-week Milestone! He is more alert than ever and you can tell that he is becoming more aware of what is going on around him. (he definitely knows who his mama is!) We have seen genuine smiles! They definitely make a day sweeter. I go to the doctor today for my 6-week checkup, hopefully I will get the OK from the doctor to start exercising again, it feels good to be closer to getting back to normal. I made it through getting my wisdom teeth out. The whole thing went really smooth which was nice. My cousin Amy and I agree that if they sold that laughing gas stuff on the street we'd be in's awesome!

In other news Blake and I are excited that our two close friends from OKC just moved to Tulsa, Chris and Jennifer Holbert. Chris and I go way back to Bridgeway Guatemala trips in college and since then he and Blake have become really close. Chris is the famous "Claude" that makes a yearly appearance in Blake's classroom. Yay, we'll have a set of friends! My friend Sarah that I worked with at the gallery in OKC is coming to visit on Wednesday. We're planning on going to the park for a picnic with Wilder, maybe I'll have some good pics from that. She is also getting married in a few weeks and Blake and I will be going to OKC for the wedding, something to look forward to. Except what will I wear? I can't get into any of my prepregancy clothes yet but getting closer. The question is do you bring an 8 week old to a wedding? To be decided I suppose.

One last thing, if anyone knows of someone that may be interested in buying a jeep please let us know. We're trying to sell this thing before the first payment. For laughs I'm including the listing that Blake sent me to post in the paper for him.

Here is the listing:
04 jeep wrangler x, 4x4, 5spd, air, cruise, cd, tow, 75k transferable
wrrnty, must sell, wife had baby, can't afford, state government rips
teachers, will throw in free dog, and cat, two cats, and sofa/love seat
combo, $15,400 obo, please call 918.698.9481.

Thursday, September 7

What a morning.

(This post was written over a period of about two hours, between feedings, diaper changes, holding crying baby, and ahh, a nice walk -or pace- outside on the deck that put Wilder in a peaceful sleep).

First, the advice "sleep when the baby sleeps" is serious. Do it - sleep when you can, even if you don't feel that tired. The last two days I've felt pretty good so I didn't take any naps. So, last night it was almost impossible to get out of bed when Wilder was crying...but, somehow I did it, because it's your baby and he needs you. This morning I wanted so bad for Wilder to sleep a little longer after the sun came up. His schedule has been he's awake when the sun's up, which is good but this morning, Lord have Mercy, plleeaasseee just sleep a little longer. I ended up making him mad trying to swaddle him next to me in the bed when all he really wanted to do was make his cute morning grunt and gurgle noises and gaze at the ceiling or me. so we ended up in a crying (screaming) session. This was a little too much for my foggy brain to the point that i was in tears out of frustration, however an idea I read came to me. out of desperation i put him in his carseat and sat him in the bathroom while i took a shower. a friend told me, with little ones you have to choose either to wash your hair or shave your legs - it's true. the running water calmed him. he's now asleep, so i hurry, throw on clothes (ok, underwear), carry him seat and all to the bedroom and jump back in bed only to the sound of him stirring and waking up. he's fighting it, i can tell he doesn't want to be in the carseat. so i grab him and apologize for being so frustrated and impatient with him this morning. he's crying again and at this point all i want is to make coffee and get something to eat, i'm accepting sleep is for later. so i strap him to me in his jeep carrier and head to the kitchen. what a sight i'm sure, in my underwear wearing the jeep carrier trying to get some precious coffee made (half calf for those of you concerned :). this calmed him down long enough for me to sit down and start this post. (for some reason writing this helps me not lose my mind and finding the humor in the day helps) only the first few sentences did i get written before he was crying again. so we took a break for feeding time. this morning - as I was burping him, he spit up all the way down my back, onto what probably is my last pair of clean underwear, through the sheets and to the matress pad. now i understand why moms say it's impossible to get anything done besides care for your baby in the fourth trimester.

yes, i love and adore this little guy to pieces. Lord, give me the strength, patience, and wisdom I need each day to take care of Wilder. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want,...He RESTORES (please) my soul." OK, baby is sleeping now, until next time.

Wednesday, September 6

3 Weeks Today!

A quick post to let everyone know that I am doing better! (hot baths are my new favorite thing) I think I'm past the emotional rollercoaster and feeling more like myself. Wilder and I are getting to know eachother a little better, he has his good nights and bad but more good than bad. Today is his 3 week birthday!! He wakes up a lot to feed but usually is pretty easy to get back to sleep. He is already growing so much, his little cheeks and legs are starting to fill out and he is much more alert now and will respond to your voice and is much more focused on our faces now. We have even been on walks. Blake and I took Wilder in his stroller and the dogs a few nights last week and I strapped him into his jeep body carrier and off we went this morning, it was too nice to stay inside. Yes, starting to get a little cabin fever so I have a feeling Wilder and I will be taking more outings in the next couple of weeks. I did manage to go grocery shopping last night while Blake stayed home with Wilder. Who knew deciding what kind of cereal to buy could be so stimulating, ha! (yeah, it was about a 2 hour trip, i think it was the first time I'd been anywhere by myself with the exception of a dinner at RibCrib compliments of my sweet motherinlaw Lynda).

Speaking of outings, I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled next Friday - yikes. I'm less conerned for me and more for Wilder, he has to be bottle fed for two days after, so please pray that he does ok and it's not a rough two days! I'm working on more photos - coming soon!