Tuesday, January 23

Wilder's mobile. Um, Space Cowboy theme! Complete with cutout aliens and flying horses...He loves it!

Wilder mid scream and laughs in his saucer.

Doesn't he look all grown up sitting up like a big kid!

Did you know that here is are Bald Eagles along the river and Avery Drive? We've had fun looking at them and their nests when we pass by. Blake took this pic last week when he took the Beagles to the river. Apparently they don't get their white heads until their about 6 year's old...animal fact for the day!


Starting with the ice storm two weeks ago - yes, I felt sorry for all those who had problems with their electricity being out and such but wow it was awesome being forced to stay home. A lady at church made a good comment that maybe it's just God's way of making us slow down when storms roll in, I agree. Blake and I stayed in, built a fire, got the house super clean which felt awesome. When that was all done we actually had some time to work on getting our office (second bedroom) cleaned and actually hung some things on the walls around the house - it's actually starting to look like we live here now! And I got my sewing machine that I got for Christmas out of the box and started reading the directions...ok, it's a start. I even worked on a photo album/scrapbook with pics from our wedding and honeymoon that I've had for 3 years! We even finished Wilder's mobile and have it hung over his crib. Yeah so slowing down makes me feel rested and is goooood. So now that the office is functional I have no excuses to start working on a piece of art every now and then. That's my goal. So it's up to all of you to hole me accountable!

Blake ended up being out of school for the entire week and was ready to go back Monday. can you say stir crazy? Hey but the time in the house has prompted us to start peeling the wallpaper in our kitchen - bye bye cherries and teapots! So soon I will be deciding what color to paint, maybe I'll post a photo and get suggestions!

This past weekend Blake and I made time to go out with our friends and Wilder got to spend time with his grandma and grandpa. We saw the new James Bond movie. On the way home somehow we got on the topic of our favorite movies and tried to name our top ten favorites...fun to think about...what's yours? Here's what I came up with (not in any specific order)
1. Almost Famous
2. My Best Friends Wedding
3. Forrest Gump
4. Signs
5. Blue Crush (soley for the surfing not the acting)
6. The Pursuit of Happiness - have you seen it? it is sooo good, i cried my face out.
7. The Parent Trap
8. ...ok, that's all I can think of for now...

Our little man is doing much better now that he's over his ear infection - please pray that he doesn't get any more. He has been more like himself the last few days with his laughing out loud and he's screaming again so I think he feels better :)
He is sitting up now and making attempts to crawl. I love him so much and he is truly the joy of my life!!

Much love to all!

Sunday, January 7

Friday, January 5

OK Anonymous! more pics to come! Hopefully this weekend I can get the blog caught up. Our precious Wilder is doing great, he had his best night of sleep yet last night! And he is just so stinkin' cute right now! I don't want him to grow up!

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments :)