Sunday, July 22

Good news, I passed my tests! Thank you Lord!! I was releived. Now, all the annoying last steps like waiting for an interview with the state and going downtown to get my fingerprints made for a background check. Not to mention the $100 that I have to send with my request for the interview. Anyway, the job hunt is on. The chances of me finding a teaching this fall are very rare but it could happen! If a school was willing to hire me even though I'm getting ready to have a baby that would be absolutely wonderful! Wonderful because I would have a paid maternity leave versus unpaid at Urban Tulsa.

Not looking forward to another long week at work. (5 days plus some evenings). I'd appreciate prayers for energy and patience!

Friday, July 13

Tonight is the end to a long week. I worked 40+ hours this week for the first time since Wilder was born. Trying to get some extra time in while Blake is home for the summer to help save for my time off again with the new baby.
I missed Wilder this week! I think it's been good and fun for Blake and Wilder to have so much time together but he still missed his mamma! He is almost walking now and I think he says dad sometimes. Other than that just lots of deedle dee's. (the mad deedle dee's are the best).

I had a scary experience last Sunday. I had a wreck. I hit anothe car that pulled out in front of me driving about 45. Luckily it wasn't my fault. Pretty good crunch but to Blake's disapointment the Saturn probably won't be totaled. Wilder was in the car but was protected just fine in his carseat, and I was OK. I think this was divine intervension - just the day before we had taken our car to the fire station to get Wilder's forward-facing carseat installed. He would have been in it but we had to take it out because we realized the front straps weren't connected. He probably would still have been fine but still may have hit his head. So yeah, he's still in his rear-facing seat for now.

I felt fine but was worried about the baby so I went to the hospital to get checked out at my doctor's recommendation. We were lucky not to have to wait in the ER but got to go right up to labor and delivery to get checked out. They put me in my own room right away and hooked me up to the monitors. Everything seemed to be find but the doctor wanted me to stay for 4 hours! I guess to make sure I wouldn't go in to early labor. So, Blake and I just watched HGTV. Mom was sweet to come over and stay at our house until about 12:30am until we got home.

The funniest thing about the wreck was Blake's arrival on the scene. I had gone to the store and somehow managed to take both sets of keys. After the wreck I of course called him hysterical and he said he'd be right right there from our house to 41st street, about a mile. poor guy. Meanwhile the ambulance and firetrucks came and I asked a girl that was standing with me to go and try to find Blake and give him a ride. Before she got back I saw him riding over the top of the hill on his bike as fast as he could then jump off the bike and throw it in the grass. He said he didn't realize until later how embarrassed he should have been in front of all those firemen and cops. Guess you had to have been there, it was pretty funny.

But yes, we are very all things.