Tuesday, November 27

I've been spoiled the last few days having Blake home, we had a great time during the Thanksgiving holiday. Blake was off starting on Wednesday. We enjoyed the holiday and got some good things done around the house including a new Pergo (laminate) floor in Gwyneth's room and the living room, no more yucky carpet! I took Wilder and Gwyneth with the help of Jud & Lynda (nana and pappy) to the doctor yesterday. I haven't ventured out of the house with both babies yet, just for a walk so far. I was pleased that both are doing well, Wilder was off the charts in his height and 28% in his weight -definitely his daddy's body. And Gwyneth is already 10.5 pounds! The nurse said it was obvious the breastmilk was working out for her. I must say that I am so thankful that breastfeeding is going so well this time...yet another answered prayer and blessing. Today was back to being home with the two. It is getting easier each day...except when I'm really tired. Wilder has been in a better mood this week and has shown some interest in Gwyneth and likes to kiss her now. We spent about an hour in the backyard today. I had Gwyn in my front body carrier and Wilder was content with his usual rock collecting and feeding the neighbors dog sticks through the fence. I managed to make the most of the time and did some excercises...probably looked a little silly but multitasking is a must!

I'm planning on returning to work part time on December 10th, less than two weeks. At this time I am not looking forward to it but it's necessary for us right now. I'm a little worried about how Gwyneth will do, and me too actually. So keep us in your prayers.

The pic below we took at grandmother's house on Thanksgiving. 4 generations of women! (plus Wilder) I think that's pretty amazing.

And Blake is turning 30 on December 5th. If feels so wierd! I keep teasing him about being so much wiser than me now and how I'm reminded of things we did when we were in our 20's! Wow how time flies.

Roy really never is excited about bathtime so this just topped it off adding Wilder. Good dog....

Yep, my baby got his first haircut last Wednesday. He did so good! I had a hard time letting go of the curls but I do think he looks really handsome all cleaned up!...and

Isn't fall the best.

Friday, November 9

Instead of taking Wilder door knocking (he still wouldn't understand) we let him pass out candy on Halloween. We were surprised at how coorperative he was in his costume. It's like he knew he looked cute and he was super hyper that evening...could have been all the chocolate. The baby in the chili pepper costume is Jonas, son of our good friends Chris and Jen Holbert. He is only 2 months old. Some day these boys will love us for this one!

And just another photo of Wilder. I know it's because there is a newborn in our house but he is definitely growing fast and is more fun everyday! (and a challenge at times but the good outweighs the difficult!)

Isn't it amazing how one day can change your life completely? When we were driving home from the hospital it was bizarre to think just the day before we were on our way and now we were driving home with a new family member. I specifically remember everything seeming a little prettier that evening, like something had changed. The sunset was pretty, giving everything a special glow. Maybe I was just more observant that evening.

A few photos I wanted to share. This is my doctor, Dr. Larson. I am thankful her and her practice. I appreciate that she goes the extra mile to give women the opportunity to have the type of labors they desire. She is one of the few doctors in the state that chooses to carry the type of insurance allowing her to perform VBAC's. (Vaginal Birth after Csection). I love this photo. There aren't words to describe how awesome this moment was when Gwyneth was finally born. I got to hold her in all this goo! It was amazing.

Gwyneth has been an excellent baby. I am definitely getting more sleep than I did Wilder so far. The hardest thing has been Wilder and I adjusting to there being a new baby. It's been emotional at times but he is doing better and I am learning and realizing what life is going to have to look like in order to take care of both of them.

Thursday, November 1

Gwyneth Ann Collins

I at least wanted to get a photo up for everyone to see. This is the photo from the web nursery on St. John's website. I have a lot more to share eventually! We are doing fine and still celebrating a successfull delivery and a healthy baby girl! More to come!