Friday, May 25


My two year old painted the perfect analogy for my attitude yesterday vs today. I let Addy paint today. She was so focused. She was more interested in dipping her brush into the dirty paint water than the paint which made for a muddy drippy painting. After I brought it into the house I was taking it off the easel and accidentally turned her painting upside down. How beautiful! These two photos are her painting turned upside down. You can see how the paint dripped because of all the water she put on it. I love the cloud like figure at the top that is all marbleized from all the colors running together.

So about my attitude. Yesterday I was my worst enemy. I was sinking deep in a muddy puddle of doubt and negativity. Only focusing on what was lacking. Today I decided to stay in a positive frame of mind.  To try to see as God would have me see. It was like I flipped a switch...turned my thinking upside down. Today was beautiful in every way. I was able to see past the messes, the work to be done, the imperfections that are all tied up into this awesome house. What a gift to be able to spend today doing nothing but playing with these beautiful babies God has given me. (One that included Gwyn's best friend Darci, see below).

 Stories, sun, breezes, shade, colors, laughter, hugs, kisses 

...seriously. I couldn't be more happy you're here. 

Best Friends

Can you guess what they're looking for? 

Sunday, May 20

Happy Birthday Addy Jane

Addy has graciously agreed to stay 2 forever.