Friday, August 12


[Artwork above was created by Gwyneth]

Tonight I am feeling full. Full of joy and contentment. I am thankful that I feel this way even with the busyness of school getting ready to start and all the changes that are coming our way. It's sort of like a little paradigm shift. I am feeling lighter. More able to let the small things not worry as much. More capable of enjoying. Why? Maybe it's just growth. Maybe it's the fish oil I've been taking. The break from the heat. Maybe my new job in Owasso that I am going to love. The joy of creativity. The good Lord. All of it.

Ok, somebody please remind me of this post in about a month when I type my I'm-so-tired-I-can-barely-stand-it-post. Tired from getting up at 5am, teaching 6 classes full of about 30 sixth graders each, plus keeping my own 3 children alive. Wow! It's gonna be awesome people :) No really. It is.

Here are a few special moments from the past week or so.

Addy's first painting experience! Can you see the look of satisfaction and pride on her face?

My baby boy lost his first tooth. Freaked me out at first. We're pretty sure he swallowed it while eating a biscuit. He cried because he was worried he wouldn't get money from the tooth fairy if he didn't have his tooth. I told him she'd understand. Question, in the events that baby teeth are not swallowed, what am I supposed to do with them? Who has jar of their teeth in their closet? Creepy.

Three happy babies after I soaked them with the water hose one evening after a long day. Spontaneity can be so therapeutic.

Tonight I set the table with things I never get out. Grandmother's table cloth, my vintage garage sale dishes.

This one is random. Can someone please just write the perfect caption for this? Yes, that is a baby Jesus in the back seat.