Friday, January 29

Geez, it is STILL snowing!

I'm starting to feel like our snow day was a little more justified. So far, it's been about the perfect day. I don't remember the last time both Gwyn and Wilder were taking naps at the same time. I've been taking care of little things at home like nagging chores. I might actually do some painting tonight. Last night I wasted too many brain cells on two hours of American Idol catch up, so feeling the need to be a little productive!

I made an effort to check my facebook page today. Arrgg, my computer will not let me share. Oh well, to all you "friends" that have left comments or sent friend requests - it's not personal!

Snow Day

I don't know that there is much sweeter than a snow day. Defenitely one of the perks of being a teacher. Nevermind the fact that we'll have to make the days up at the end of the year right? I convinced myself that I needed to stop at the grocery store on the way home yesterday to get some groceries in case we couldn't get out today. Truthfully, I was just hungry and saw it as an excuse to satisfy some cravings. I bought ice cream, frozen pizza, blueberry muffins, and stuff to make cherry crumble. I made the crumble last night, delicious! Speaking of food, aren't chocolate cherrios the best thing since sliced bread?

Yesterday I woke up and felt like my belly had grown over night. Funny, a few of my students agreed. I'm blaming the growth spurt for all the junk food.

Sunday, January 24


Sometimes I really love our beagle. He goes on these kicks every once in a while where he decides he needs some action so he digs out of our backyard. Luckily he chose to do so this week when the ground was nice and muddy. He's been able to track in lots of mud. I mentioned before how I can't keep up with the laundry. This afternoon I put Gwynny on her bed to change her diaper and above her head was an animal bone from the woods that Roy obviously had drug in. (we have a doggy door) It still had fur and gross things on it, looked like maybe a cat or a possum? Awesome. So all of Gwyn's bedding to be washed. After all this I still love him enough to put a blanket on our bed so he can sleep on top of our pillows. Poor little dog. Blake and Wilder are currently giving Roy a beagle bath to remove the rotting flesh smell.

I saw a quote the other day on a piece of wall art that I should have bought: "Cleaning up after kids [and beagles] is like shoveling snow in a blizzard"

More on motherhood. I was thinking more specifically how my love is maturing for the kiddos. I'm thankful for the emotions that come with being a mom and how they make my life richer. My capacity to feel these emotions grows as they do. I don't think I knew what it felt like to be proud before Wilder and Gwyn. Or protective. Or sad. Or sympathetic. Or to feel such adoration. Or frustration.

If your toddler is bored buy him/her a flashlight. And lots of batteries.

What is everyone reading? Any good recommendations?

Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God" Probably one of my favorite verses. So simple. That's what I'm shooting for, a little more time to be still this week.

Saturday, January 23

Random Thoughts

I had a sad realization that a great amount of my daily energy is spent trying to control other people's trips to the bathroom. At home, I'm practically dragging Wilder to the potty and in bizarre contrast, at school, I'm asked about a billion times a day by my students if they can go to the bathroom - much to my annoyance!! To make things worse, it seems pee smell has taken over my house as well. I can't do laudry fast enough to wash all the pee soaked sheets and underwear and cloth diapers. Not to mention all the pee that does not make it into the toilet in my bathroom now.

Feeling [and looking] more pregnant these days. Friday was the first day I really had any discomfort with cramps and such. Also, I think the hormones have made me a little irritable this weekend. I'll be 24 weeks this week. Doctor still thinks it's a girl. Wilder will randomely ask now in conversation what we're going to name the baby. It's pretty sweet. Having a new baby in May still feels sort of unreal. I can't get my mind around what this little person will be like. Time is going by so fast yet I'm not feeling panicked or the need to prepare much at this point. I DO know I want a Moby Wrap though! To all baby mommas out there, I think it's the perfect baby sling! I know, this is my opinion, not only is it great for wearing the baby in the house, but also so much nicer than toting a newborn around in public in a carrier when all the baby really wants is to be close to his momma!! I've been looking at baby slings and discovered the Moby last week. It's so comfortable for the mom (soft fabric) and very womb-like for the baby. You have both hands free and from what I hear the baby is very comfortable in it.

I'm falling more in love with Wilder and Gwyn every day. I'm understanding how my love matures as they do. Each little conversation they have with eachother is so precious to me. Sometimes I just can't get enough squeezes in one day. My happiness is so tied up in theirs. I miss them even being away one night. Wait, I probably should add my unhappiness too. Motherhood is not all rosy. This morning deep in dreamland I was awakened by little footsteps and Wilder standing at my bed at 6:11. On a Saturday. Then, ten minutes later Gwyn was in our bed. On a Saturday. Pregant lady needs her sleep. So I admit I wasn't the nicest as I was making pancakes at 6:45. Did I mention on a Saturday? The pancakes, btw, were made in outer space molds that I got from Williams and Sonoma. Really, I probaby wouldn't have been in the mood to make pancakes had it not been for the desire to try the new molds. I figured out why I couldn't get teh pancakes out of the molds when I realized I had the molds upside down. So the second batch was better. Also I used whole wheat flower. Ok, gross. I know it's healthier but I really didn't enjoy them as much as I could have. (and pancakes are high on my craving list right now).

Also, I am having a hard time lately with Wilder's OCD. I think it's just a toddler trait, I've even heard it's a first born trait. Sometimes he will absolutely refuse to eat or drink something because it was not prepared in the correct way. A certain number of books at night, a specific anything really. This coupled with the "I do it by myself" desire is pretty challenging at times. Especially when you're in a hurry.

School is satisfying. I was thinking the other day that in contrast with my old job, I don't feel like I'm wasting time anymore. I've come to terms with the fact that each day is a collection of little defeats and victories which is just part of being a teacher. You have no idea what a relief it is when the one student who is a thorn in my side is absent on a Friday. I do have plans now to attempt my first theatrical production on April 6th with my drama classes. Scary but exciting. Also on the school front, there is a strong possibilty that I won't have my job next year! Yep, Sand Springs is predicting a reduction in force due to budget cuts and little me on the bottom of the totem pole will be at high risk to be let go. So a lot of unknown on the horizon. We'll know more in about a month hopefully. At this point I'm really not freaking out. I have a feeling that everything will be as it should.

Good night everyone, I've got some American Idol to catch up on! (and Lost starts in two weeks people, it's a good time for TV)