Thursday, January 29

It was still fun!

Well I guess we'll never know how The Tale of Despereaux ends! Wilder made it through about two thirds of the movie before he said "Wilder go home please!" At least he was polite about it. We honored his request and left the movie early. Overall he was well behaved (as long as I was feeding him Junior Mints). He enjoyed the experience but wasn't as fascinated as I thought he'd be. Could have been the movie choice being that it was a sophisticated cartoon. Funny, on the way to the movie he was asleep in the car when we dropped Gwyn off at grandpas, when he woke up the first thing he asked was "where's Gwynny?" He continued to ask about her until we made it to grandpa's house to pick her up. He greeted her with a good rub on the head. Sweet! I guess he does spend about 99% of his time with her so of course he was concerned! Maybe we'll give movie viewing another year, fun experiment though!

Wednesday, January 28

Thank You Mother Nature

You've heard it said before, yes, I agree that Mother Nature has a way of giving us a rest from our busy lives every once in a while. Blake and I were thrilled that his two snow days from school coincided with my days off this week. Actually our mini break started Monday night when the weather was too bad for Blake to pick up the kiddos from his parents after work. We played it safe and let them spend the night rather than getting them out on the icy roads. So, Blake and I had a quiet evening.

Some things that have come of the winter weather:
1. I was able to finish a piece of artwork. (pic comig)
2. A full night of sleep - no interuptions
3. A clean house (we're talkin' much cleaner than usual people)
4. Lots of groceries bought.
5. We took Wilder to pick out his glasses! He looked so cute, now if only he'll wear them.
6. And now, we're gearing up to take Wilder to his first movie!

Yes, snow days are just as much fun as when we were kids. Although, I agreed with Blake that I would really like to get bundled up and go sledding today...probably not the best idea since both kids are getting over colds.

Thursday, January 22

I love you Wilder!

This morning as I was putting Wilder's shoes on he said several times "no mommy, Wilder stay home." Broke my heart! How do you explain to a two year old that mommy has to go to work?

Also, as a mom do you ever anticipate times when they're older that you know your heart will hurt for them? I get nervous just thinking about it. I'm not ready. I know at some point he will have his heart broken, get bullied, and not get picked for the team. I know, all a part of life and necessary for growth...but can we just skip those parts please?

Wednesday, January 21


I know it has been too long since I've updated. I just haven't been very successfull at finding the time. I took Wilder to the eyedoctor today and learned that he will need to have corrective eye surgery, again. Also, his astigmatism is worse so the doc wants him to wear glasses. Glasses? What? Is he going to get made fun of in school? How will I get a two year old to wear glasses? And, even though we've been through the surgery once I am anxious about it all over again. I am more concerned about him this time because I feel he is old enough to be scared. Sigh. We'll be ok...lots of moms have harder things to deal with (I keep telling myself) right?

Ok, season premier of Lost is 28 minutes! Yay!

Monday, January 5


We made it home this evening from Blake's grandfather's funeral in Ada. There really is so much to say. I don't think I have the energy to put it all into words! Simply stated, I feel really proud to have known Wilder Willard "Toby" Collins. (cool name huh?). And to be part of his family. He really did live vigorously and was respected and loved for so many reasons. A "man's man" as the minister said today as he talked about his life: one of 13 siblings, star athelete - played football for TU the Greenbay Packers, served in the Army, married a great woman for 59 years and had 5 children, was a great dancer, loved fishing and hunting, worked hard, loved his children well. My sweetest memory of him is the day Wilder was born. Toby and Evelyn came to the hospital and it was in the room as I was holding Wilder that we told him we had given Wilder his name. He had tears in his eyes. I feel honored that Wilder carries his namesake and pray that he will grow into equal the man!

Also, my baby brother left for the Army National Guard today. I am excited, proud, and a little scared. He will be gone for 4 months for training. I can't wait to see the transformation when he comes back. I'm hoping and praying that his involvement will be all positive and no surprises. Here he is with Gwyn on Christmas, cute.