Tuesday, January 15

I wish I could always get everything I wanted to get on the blog...on the blog. I want to expand it a little more than updates on the kiddos. I don't know why it's been this week particularly but I've been feeling a little stressed or maybe just like I'm losing myself a little bit...and overwhelemed by the daily upkeep of the house. (sidenote: probably because we haven't had a dryer for almost a week now, the massive piles of clothes are fun, really.) I've had some Chrismas money burning a whole in my pocket so I went shopping on my lunch hour Monday. I bought a bird. A random little bird, from a store called Dwelling Spaces in downtown Tulsa. A very fun store that has a lot of unique furniture, gifts, and accessories. They also have a lot of items from local artists. Has anyone seen the "I heart Tulsa" shirts, or the "Don't hate the 918", or "I''m down with T-Town" t-shirts? Well they're sold there. Anyway, I went there wanting to buy something unique, a piece of jewelry or a tshirt or something. I ended up buying a handsewn wallet/pouch for my bag and this handmade bird. I had to buy it for Gwynny. All this to say it was refreshing to see so much creativity and made me long to be more creative or at least enjoy more art in my daily life. So I spent too much money on these two little items but they will serve as reminders to like I just read on my cousin's blog "stop and smell the roses" and do something fun. Plus I supported two artists and have one-of-a kind items! Something I want to do this year - LEARN TO USE MY SEWING MACHINE that is currently sitting at my mom's house. Could someone hold me accountable? There is so much I could do if I could use it and wasn't afraid of it.

New topic: My friend Saundra had her baby recently. Truly a miracle baby and birth. If anyone is curious and wants to read her birth story and the amazing way God was with her in all the details the link is: http://www.waltandsaundra.blogspot.com

As a way to write more I am going to start an ongoing-in no particular order- list of "my favorite things" and expand on them from time to time. I think this will be fun and help me to get more on the blog. With that said number one would have to be the internet. I don't have an ipod, I'm not interested in playing the Wii (althought watching Blake and my sister-in-law box at Christmas was hilarious), don't use half of my cell phone's features, but I do appreciate the internet and it's FREE ability to connect me with the outside world and stay in touch with people....isn't it satisfying to know and be known.

#2. (to be expanded upon). Bernice and Ila.

Ok, I'm cutting this short for now I've got to spend some time with my sweet hubby before I go to bed!

Tuesday, January 8

Happy New Year everyone. I have been slacking for sure on keeping my blog updated. I appreciate everyone else though for the updates...I check blogs alot, especially at work. It's pretty sad, when I finally have the opportunity to do anything on the computer it's after the babies go to bed and I'm too tired. Yeah, I'm usually in bed by 8:30. Sleep is gooood, and I take it when I can get it! Anyway, my friend from work came to our house last Sunday and took some photos for us. She used to do it professionally so she has all the fancy lights and camera (if anyone is interested). I realized that a photo of all of us smiling at the camera and looking decent is IMPOSSIBLE!...maybe when the kids are alot older. Oh well, it was still fun. I thought this one was kinda funny and captured the moment. I did get some really good shots of Gwyneth her being the only immobile one.

If you can read this make me a sandwich.