Monday, February 19

OK, I was just joking about food poisoning! We were misdiagnosed at the hospital, it was a stomach virus after all. Sunday evening Blake and I thought we were out of the woods but shortly after we put Wilder to bed he started vomiting. I've experienced this weekend what I'm sure all mom's agree is the hardest thing as a mother - to see their babies in pain. Not fun. It was very scary actually. I knew how hard the virus was on Blake and I, I could only imagine how it would effect a baby. I was scared he would get dehydrated and pass out like I did. We went straight to the emergency room and spent an awful night waiting and made it home about 5am. I HATE EMERGENCY ROOMS!!! It's true what they say you have to literally be dying to get any immediate care. Blake and I just took turns holding Wilder. Fortunately he slept through most of it, he would just wake up to vomit, cry, then go back to sleep pretty quick. Finally the doctor saw him about 1:30am and gave him a couple of supositories that stopped the nausea until he was able to keep fluids down. The little guy never got dehydrated and amazed me at strong he was during the whole thing. God definitely answered our prayers and was close to us. At one point afte the doc had examined him he woke up and was just as happy as he could be (between rounds), he was was like God knew we needed to see that he was ok and see him happy for a little while. He amazed me at how much better he was today. He didn't vomit anymore and is recovering fine. Blake and I both stayed home from work today to rest and take care of Wilder. I have fallen in love with my little guy all over again! (I'm sure this is only one of many more times). I so enjoyed being his mom today.

So thank goodness this weekend is over! Hopefully none of our parents get sick from not knowing it was a virus. And I thought it was worth mentioning that Blake and I did not have left over turkey chili for dinner tonight - we weren't taking ANY chances!!

Today was so nice outside. Finally, some Spring-like temperatures. It felt so good to get outside, the weather was so calming. Blake worked in the back yard and Wilder and I hung out. I liked this pic becaue it looks like he's posing for the shot and he's saying "mom, i'm gonna be ok!" Sweet little face!

love to all.

Sunday, February 18

Well Blake and I didn't exactly spend our Saturday as we would have planned. We both got food poisoning Friday night. We have narrowed it down to the ground turkey he bought from WalMart on Friday. Mine started at 3am Saturday morning with four rounds of vomiting. The last round I passed out I guess from we decided I should probably go to the hospital. I got an IV and was feeling better at the hospital then it hit Blake. Poor guy had to wait 3 hours in the waiting room for me while he was sick himself. We made it home about 4pm Saturday and both went straight to bed and pretty much slept through till 7am this morning. Luckily mom and dad were available to take care of Wilder. He had his first sleep over away from home. He did great! We are so lucky to have family here. I can't imagine both of us being sick and not having anyone to help out. Thank you mom and dad. We are feeling pretty good today just tired.

I meant to post this earlier. On Valentine's Day I went to my aunt Sheila's wedding! Here is a pic of the happy couple, Mr and Mrs. JR Dilliard. It was really sweet, from what I know thus far JR he seems to be a great man and I know their marriage will be blessed. After the wedding I rushed home to make my heart-shaped cake. (for some reason I was determined to try it this year) in efforts to make Valentine's sweet for us. I thought it turned out OK. Blake did some artwork for me for VDay - I was so excited. It's been a while since he's drawn anything for me. It's an illustration of me all wrapped up in different color ribbons that represent the sun, the sky, and the sea...three of my favorite things. (I guess maybe I've been whining about Winter too much lately so I guess he figured this would help me imagine another place!) You just have to see it!

We've got a busy week ahead. I take Wilder back to the eye doctor on Tuesday morning then to his regular doc on Wednesday for his 6months - can you believe he's 6 mos - appointment which means shots, yuck.

And today is my mom's birthday too. Happy Birthday mom. She received a wonderful serenade from everyone - our entire family and all the other happy customers at Mazzio's for lunch today. I do think she was a little embarrassed...and mad too!

Take Care everyone.

Tuesday, February 6

Thanks to everyone who said they would be praying for Wilder. He goes back to the doctor on the 20th to see if the patches are making and progress. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile it's been a struggle to get him to wear them. Mainly because they're sticky and come off. I'm going to look for a real pirate's patch with a strap today to see if that will help, plus it's much cooler! Here are the pics of the VBS decorations I mentioned.

I'm looking forward to the warm weather today. Bre (Blake's sister) is coming to visit and we're going to head to the park with Wilder in the Jeep stroller to enjoy it while we Winter over YET?

This litte duck seems to be one of Wilder's favorite toys right now, funny huh.

Friday, February 2

It's Friday evening and I'm happy to finally be home. I had a busy two days at work and left today with work still to do! Don't you hate that?

Blake has had a busy week as well. The word got out at church that Blake is an art teacher and guess who was volunteered into doing decoratins for VBS this Saturday? You guessed it. Mannford is having a one-day winter VBS, the theme is Survivor. So the auditorium is complete with a waterfall with actuall running water and a smoking volcano! In addition to helping to construct those Blake made huge cut-paper murals of a jungle scene and an ocean scene. He probably spent about 25 hours this week getting it all done...all for a 5 hour VBS! Crazy! I'm proud of him for using his talents and I know that his work will be a blessing.

Anyway, I wanted to give everyone an update on Wilder. I took him to the eye doc on Tuesday and he does have Strabismus - the type in which the eye muscles pull inward. He is going to wear eye patches for three weeks then go back to the doctor to see if there is any improvement. The doc didn't sound too optimistic that the patches would correct his vision (straighten his eyes) and said more than likely he would have to have the surgery. I was discouraged because everyone I've talked to told success stories of babies that wore the patches, did eye exercises and they were fine. Maybe his eyes are worse, I don't know. Please pray that God will correct his vision with the patches and that he doesn't have to have surgery. Even though the surgery is an easy procedure it still makes me a little uneasy.

Looking forward to the weekend. I'll post some new pics of Wilder soon and some of the decorations at church.