Sunday, May 29


I can't believe summer is actually here and the school year is over. I know there are a lot of things I did right and equally wrong. Teaching is emotional, exhausting, rewarding, frustrating, fun. I cried happy tears from laughing, mad tears, and sad tears from saying good bye. I hope I made a wee bit of a difference. I will miss my students. (you know who you are). So, as you can see, we had a little fun the last two days of school. So much fun that I bought my custodian a gift card because I felt bad about the mess.

My summer to do list:
1. Have a clean, organized house. Not piles of laundry. Everywhere.
2. Sell our house!
3. Find a house.
4. Read. My list:
-Love & Logic
-Heaven is for Real
-My $1 bargain novel.
5. Discover the Word again. As a family we are going to memorize one verse a week.
6. Go on vacation to Florida.
7. Start my Etsy page
8. Find my flat (ok, less squishy) stomach under this one.
9. Eat healthier. Visit Farmer's Markets.
10. Sleep past 6:30. Ha, ha, just joking. I wish.
I better stop there. Relax.

Sunday, May 22

Addy Jane is 1

Happy first birthday Adalyn. You are more precious than we could have ever imagined! I keep thinking when I'm with you that you are way to smart to have just turned one. You understand so much. You are opposite of your sister - you are not shy. You are everywhere all the time. You climb everything. You get your feelings hurt when Wilder and Gwyn won't let you touch their toys. You are sensitive and cry when people yell. You love to play peek a boo. You still love to hang out in the middle of the night. You are a momma's girl. I'm not complaining, I want you to stay a baby forever.