Tuesday, October 28

Saturday, October 25

Happy First Birthday Gwynnie Bear

Today was your first birthday Gwyneth Ann. I am sad that you are not a little baby anymore but you will always be "baby girl" to me. I'm sorry you don't feel good on your birthday. You're teething and have a terrible fever. Sweet baby, it's just not fair. I've sung Happy Birthday enough times to you today, holding you, trying to get you to rest, that hopefully you understood just for a minute that there was something special about today.

Today, I've enjoyed thinking about the day you were born. About what a miracle and gift your birth was. Thank you for cooperating for your mommma!

You are delicously sweet in every way! I love your curly hair, your soft skin and your precious kisses you love to give. You are much more affectionate than your brother. Thank you for being content just being held, your brother never sat still long enough. Although sweet, we are beginning to see a little firey side in you, where did you get that temper?

Sometimes I am still in awe that I am blessed with such a beautiful baby girl. Do I really have two babies? When did that happen? I am looking forward to doing all the things a mom and daughter should do together. Oh the fun we will have!

Sweet dreams baby girl, momma loves you.

Sunday, October 19

Yes, Lovely Fall Days

What a nice weekend. Well, with the exception of Friday night after we found out our car would be in the shop another week and cost twice as much as we thought. Oh well, the price you pay for buying a foreign car (right dad!). Blake had a track meet in Arkansas Saturday the kids and I went to Tulsa to visit my friend Holly and her baby Isaac in their new apartment. The weather was perfect. After seeing her apartment we walked to the park and had fun playing well, with rocks mostly. Who needs slides and fun things to climb when you can see how many rocks you can sneak in your mouth without you mom seeing? We made it back to the house and the babies were pooped so naptime wasn't too much of a struggle. I took the time to get dinner ready. I like cooking when it's not stressful. So pretty much that means no babies at my feet which doesn't happen often.

Oh man, how's this for real life blogging. I sat down at the computer about an hour ago with my tea to check blogs and update. Now that I'm updating mine all I want to do is go to sleep. Cuttin' it short tonight. So much to say...another day. Here are some pics.


Wilder with his great grandpa Wilder from our trip to Texas last weekend.

Wilder and Miles! Aren't they cute? They insisted on getting in the truck at the same time.

Baby Isaac, Gwyn, and Wilder, at Holly's apartment.

She's got this walkin' thing down.

Yay for babies in pumpkin hats.

Tuesday, October 7

It's been a while since I sat down to blog so here goes. It's naptime so I'm defaulting to a list, it's easy and fast.

1. Gwyn slept from 8pm to 6am last night without waking up in her crib!! Yay! We're getting somewhere people! And her naps are getting longer. I haven't nursed her in 3 nights. Here's to getting my brain back!

2. I love you Wal-Mart. I hate you Wal-Mart. Because I was feeling spunky today because of the sleep we went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. We had decided to make Wilder a cowboy for Halloween. Space cowboy actually, complete with a rocket backpack. In my mind I was thinking, how am I going to find cowboy boots, western shirt, vest, etc without having to sew or spend a fortune. As we were looking at the Halloween stuff I found a stuffed cowboy costume that has the horse that wraps around so it looks like you're riding it...not a bad idea, it's easy, I can buy it and be done with Wilder's costume. Next to the cowboy costume was an Elmo costume. (you know where it goes from here). To make a long story short the Elmo costume made it into our cart, onto Wilder, into our car and is currently in Wilder's bed taking a nap with him. Oh well, maybe space cowboy will work out next year. Maybe Gwyn will be his horse. Gwyn's costume however, is in the works. I have several colors of tulle, fairy shoes, and a headband that I will be working on myself! Can't wait.

3. Remember how I said I was going to give a review about Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson. Well, here's a little life application. The book is good, emphasizes the importance of family relationships and describes boys, their personalities, the challenges they face in today's world, etc. One of the major issues today is the demasculation of boys. (I don't want to try to explain this in detail here, if you're interested, let's talk about it :) Anyway, the other night I was home by myself putting both Wilder and Gwyn to bed (not an easy task). As we were finishing the baths I'm trying to get one dressed and one out of the tub and Wilder asks to put on my robe "mommy robe, mommy robe." It's a little white robe that I've let him put on and wear until bedtime a few times. It wasn't in the bathroom...but my pink, silk, nightgown was. He wants to put it on, I think if Blake were here he'd kill me. Gwyn is getting impatient, I'm tired, so pink nightgown goes on. When I finally put him to bed he does not want to take it off to put on his PJ's so I let him sleep in it. The next morning I left for work before he was up. Blake's parents are there to take him for the day...I get an email from Blake at work asking why his father calls him to ask why his son woke up in a pink dress. You can imagine the confusion and embarrassement Blake is feeling. Especially if you know his dad. It's funny becaue Blake is reading the book right now too and we've talked about this issue of demasculation and here I go dressing him in pink satin. Not that I think that dress up here or there will ruin a boy forever but kinda funny.

4. Bible study at my house! I've been wanting to do something organized like this for a long time and it's finally in the works. I miss the times in my life that I met with friends to study, talk, and pray. We (so far my friend from church, my friend Jen, and my cousin Amy) will be meeting once a week on Wednesday for a couple of hours with our kiddos. We are going to do Beth Moore's Believing God. (I can't find the ital button so sorry for the lack of italics Holly) From what I hear, it's great. I will need grace to find the time and complete the study each week but am determined to try because I personally feel I am suffering the consequences of a weak spiritual life right now. I want to invite any of you, my family and friends to come if you want to. We're planning on daytime but if there are enough that are interested that would need an evening than maybe we can figure something out. Right now we're starting the week on the 20th or 27th. Let me know!

Ok, I'm going to work a little on Gwyn's costume before they wake up!