Thursday, May 31

A quick post! I had an ultrasound yesterday, isn't this cool? I told my mom today that I think it looks like a girl - ha! A longer update coming soon!

Tuesday, May 8

Finally an update. I'm sure everyone has been tired of looking at that same 'ol pic of Wilder, me too. Usually when I sit down to update the blog I have a photo in mind that I want to post and it goes from there but I haven't been taking any pictures because my digital camera is dead. However, I had Wilder's photo made a few weeks ago, this is our favorite pose. If you're wondering about the shirt, it looks dated because it was Blake's when he was a baby! Wilder is doing really good, it won't be long before he's walking and he's getting 3 more teeth on top. He's a really happy baby most of the time and I decided tonight that the sound of his laugh is probably my favorite sound.

Well seems like the Collins household is busy as usual. Blake is working towards the end of school which is a crazy time and mowing as many yards as he can afterschool. I am about 14 weeks pregnant now and already have a little belly. I've been feeling good - past the sick stage and to the "give me food now" stage. Fortunately I've been getting a walk in almost everyday so hopefully I won't get too huge! I go to the doc tomorrow to see how things are going. I know it won't be long before we can see what the sex is but Blake and I aren't exactly agreeing on that right now. I think it would be fun to wait this time and be surprised in the end...for lots of reasons that I don't want to go on about here, however, I can see Blake's point of wanting to find out so we can be prepared. So we'll see how that turns out. But geez I have been tired! Lord help me to get through this pregnancy and to take care of Wilder to the best of my ability and superpowers for when there's two!!

Today was "bring your wife to school day" for Blake. Actually I was a guest speaker for his classes. I talked about all of the different things in the art field that I've done since college (which is little bit of everything) and the different careers you can pursue as an artist ect. (I got paid a nice little sum of money that made it worth my while :)) Boy do I have an even greater appreciation for Blake's work. We did seven classes in a row with a 20min lunch! There's barely time to go to the bathroom! It was good to be in the classroom and get an idea of what it would be like to be a teacher. Some of you may know that I have plans to try teaching. Yes, kind of an idea that took me by surprise but actually if it works out will be very ideal for a working mom as far as the schedule goes. And Blake and I will have summers off together. I'm going to try elementary or junior high art. I won't go into detail but there really isn't a ton that I have to do to get my alternative certification and start teaching. I'm taking some tests in June that I'm studying for now and if I pass those I'll be on my way. I'd appreciate any prayers for this new endeavor - for the timing and for finding a job!

Hope everyone is doing well, I'd love to hear from you.
Love Shelly