Saturday, June 8

Today was a good day

Today was a good day. Actually yesterday was a good day too. We celebrated our 10th anniversary. I feel overwhelmingly blessed. I could list the reasons why I love Blake and what I appreciate about him. Simply stated, he continues to make me a better person. He is the one, who, when the cashier at McDonald's who cannot speak English gives and charges you for two more flurries than you ordered finds a mother and two kids to give them to. I, on the other hand, am just immediately ticked off and set to go get our money back. Geez...why wasn't that my first inclination? I sit and eat my flurry in silence and waller in my selfishness! Then I think how I am inspired to continue to give to everyone in everyway, everyday. Even when it means trusting God that he will provide in sacrificial giving. But wait, this was about Blake! Sorry.

Today I had the pleasure of spending it with three little versions of Blake and I. In some moments pleasure would have been an overstatement. Today was a hard day actually. I woke up tired.  I had to fight for patience today and even let words come out of my mouth that I regret. But with deep breaths and apologies we made it through. The good much outweighed the bits of nagging and arguing among all of us. (Blake was at a track meet today). As time goes on I am more able to appreciate every moment for what it is - and deal with whatever challenges my kids present in a manner I am proud of. (not always, but I'm working on it!) I want contentment in the now and present and the as is. In all of it. Contentment brings so much joy and peace. There have been several seasons in the last few years that contentment has been a struggle.  I consider the contentment I have gained an enormous blessing.

I participated in a food coop for the very first time. Something I've wanted to do for a while. The kids were excited about all of the different fruits and vegetables that we brought home. Addy helped wash. Wilder counted and made list of all the vegetables. The girls took the two butternut squashes and made them their babies and carried them around the house for about an hour. (Seriously! why do we buy toys?). The kids and I made strawberry bread with the strawberries in our basket. Yummy!!

We went to the library. Expanded the kids knowledge of Earthday, Red Kangaroos, and Robots. Good stuff.

Gwyneth managed to put together a pretty darn good cowgirl costume from what she could find around the house. Complete with a lasso made from one of dad's brown shoestrings. Wilder followed and came up with a pretty good costume himself. So random.

Addy said things like "it's not a problem" and "I can handle it" and shook her head very matter of factly several times. Cracked me up.

Wilder and Gwyneth played chase around the house for a long time. They hardly ever play like this so I enjoyed the laughing and squealing.

After being in the kitchen for several hours I attempted to sit down and read for a little bit while the kids played. I think the same relation between washing your car and rain exists between me reading a book and Addy peeing in her pants. Who was I kidding?  Reading is for AFTER the kids go to bed silly goose...unless it's reading books to them.

I got to watch the delight on the kids faces while playing with their daddy at dinner.

Like I said, I consider it a successful day when there is more laughter than arguing. I just love watching these precious little rugrats and their different personalities. I love their ideas. I love their tender hearts. I love how they make me laugh. I love their innocence.

Thank you Lord for today, for our now. For blessing us beyond measure. May our hearts be forever grateful.