Saturday, November 28

The Story I Promised

It was day 43. My cycles ahd been pretty regular. Between 28-30 days. I didn't really think too much of it. I felt normal. We had not anything that would give me reason to suspect I was pregnant. (we were not careless) Maybe my period was late because the stress and busyness of my new job. It HAD been all consuming, that was surely it. That happens to women right? Day 43 was on a Thursday. The next day my mom and I had plans to take some of our things to my aunts neighbourhood garage sale, including some of our baby items. My thought was, well, I guess I should make sure I'm not pregnant before I get rid of my stroller right? So I stopped at Walgreens to buy a test. I called a friend out of amusement, she was convinced I was pregnant. I still didn't believe it could be true. I was home with the kids by myself that evening after school. Blake had a track meet. I barely thought about the test until after the kids went to bed. I took the test and immediately a very distinct plus sign showed up. My heart began to beat a little faster, I got a little sweaty. I frantically opened the directions to make sure I was reading this thing right. I think I read it 5 times to make sure I wasn't missing something. Really? REALLY? Instead of immediately praying I immediately started calling girlfriends until I reached one. Lots of laughter and crying followed. When Blake got home I was standing in the kitchen leaning on the bar. Their was no use in trying to postpone the news, it was all over my face. He immediately knew something was going on. Half laughing and crying (I can't think of any other time in my life that I've done this really) I got the words out. His reaction was hilarious, so nonchalant, like this happens to us all the time. He sat down across from me in the barstool and put his hands in his hands and said "well, guess I better start doing my homework on the internet so I can find us a bigger car and house." (It wasn't until we got the ultrasound did he stop teasing me about faking it.) It really was a special evening. After the shock went away and reality set in we were just overwhelmed with thankfulness and humbled that God would choose this for us. Such an overwhelming feeling when you realize that your life really isn't your own. We took a little time to pray together and to thank God for this gift of another addition to our family. We couldn't be more overwhelmed, surprised, or excited.

Monday, November 9

New Days

Last night at our devotional the question was asked, "What are you thankful for?" One thing that came to mind for me are new days. Thank God I get the chance to start over every day. New attitude, new plan. I am thankful His mercies are new every morning. I so need this gift right now. Blame it on the hormones, I don't know, but I am hanging on tight during this emotional roller coaster ride named "Get through your first year of teaching...pregnant." I've had days recently I've felt overwhelmed and defeated in regards to school and home. Last week I had a few days my stress caught up with me and I was weepy. My tirelessly stubborn two year old and suddenly highly emotionally needy three year old are draining. Then there's my house, oh my house. How you suffer from neglect because of my 8:30 bedtime.

I don't know why I still haven't figured out how to nurture myself so that I can prevent this build up of stress, maybe it's just one of my flaws. A good weekend usually does the trick of turning me into what I feel is a deflated balloon...ahh. Blake was not so busy so we had some good time this weekend. Church is always a good place for me to receive the gentle reminder that IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT ME. I felt a healthy perspective. Today I feel hopefull. I enjoyed my job today. I felt confident and a wee bit energetic. I had a good meeting with my vice principal who told me my class was not as awful as I thought it was the day he observed. I asked my mother-in-law today if I was crazy. How can I be so low one day and so high the next? She said it's just life. I suppose it is. And for that fact, tonight I felt motivated to encourage those of you who are having days that seem just too hard and tiring. There is a new day around the corner. Just keep moving. Pray for a new set of eyes. Eyes that can see past your sticky floor and piles of laundry. Your kids will survive one more night of a bath in an unscrubbed tub. Pray for more patience to stop and make wise decisions when all you want to do is snap at your babies when they will just not stop whatever it is.

Take a deep breath. Make time for yourself, curl up in your bed after the kids go to bed and read Eclipse until you just can't keep your eyes open. Then have sweet dreams until the new sun comes up.

It's on

I decided why not post a belly photo? This is my last pregnancy, I better make some memories right? So here I am at 13.5 weeks. Seems like just this past week I've gone from "is she eating too many donuts" to wow "I think there's a baby in there!" I have such sweet friends, Kaci & Holly, for letting me borrow much needed maternity clothes. I don't think I have to buy anything!

Halloween Aftermath

Yes, if you're wondering, year number 2 of our friend Elmo.

Gwyneth is two

Gwyneth the morning of her 2nd birthday. Need I say more?

Ok, ok, I love her new red retro kitchen probably a little more than she does!

Gwyneth insisited on eating her cupcake, icing only, with her new ladel from her kitchen.