Sunday, September 9

Yes and No

I can say YES to:
Fruit. When Addy asks me for her third cutie within one hour. 
Art. When Wilder says he wants to make art which means another mess on top of all our current messes. 
Dreaming. Looking at costumes with Gwyneth eight weeks before Halloween.
Letting go. It's ok if you wear two different shoes out of the house...this time because momma's tired.
To starting over. To new days.

I can say NO to:
Saying No. No, Addy it is not ok for you to tell your mother "NO"...even if your brother thinks it is hilarious. 
Wilder's outfit leaving the house. Only my boy could manage tie dye, camo, and stripes in the same outfit. 
Unrealistic expectations. Really, because only so much can happen in one day. 

Thankful for a reflective, relaxing Sunday :)


Tasha said...

That's not supposed to say uldrachPerfect. Just 'Perfect', but I had to enter that 'Please prove you're not a robot' code umpteen times, and I guess one time I entered it on the post. Ooops. said...

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